Childhood Items you Still Have, or Wish you had, Today

Nintendo 64

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N64 with all the games I used to have, including the special gold edition of LoZ: Ocarina of Time. Hotwheels collection. Yu-gi-oh! cards, but many of them are new-ish, so I don’t think that counts. A shark tooth in a bottle. My first pocket knife from boy scouts. NERF guns, several of them. A Mace Windu lightsaber.

My life rn :slight_smile:

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Well, I forgot to mention that I had a Nintendo 64 thatI think was an important part of my childhood, I remember that I couldn’t stop playing Paper Mario 64 and Star Fox 64 :slightly_smiling:

Holy crap. The list of stuff I have as well as the list if stuff I wish I had are both lengthy, but here’s a few highlights:

Stuff I have:
-Almost all my great Nerf guns from the 90s
-2-XL with tapes
-Cabbage Patch Crimp n Curl Pony
-Complete Street Sharks collection

Stuff I wish I had:
-Nerf Crossbow

Way more than I care to admit…


I still have the entire Animorphs series.


Still have all of my consoles, Nes, Snes, Sega, N64, Ps, Ps1 (my ps stopped loading from mem cards but i still kept it), Ps2, Ps3, Still have my original game boy and plenty of games for it (Pokemon Red, blue, and yellow).

Still have a (very) small collection of toys as well but nothing major- An original 80s die cast metal Voltron, things like that.

I was an amazingly lucky kid- Growing up my father was manager of a toy r us, i benefited nicely from it.

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Literally all of my Bionicles. In fact, I’m still buying the new ones.

Roodaka is best waifu

The board game Crossfire. You shoot small metal BBs at these plastic pieces set around a ball bearing and try to push them across into your competitor’s goal zone. It was incredibly fun and I don’t think they sell it anymore because it costs like $350 on amazon or almost a hundred on eBay. Ridiculous.

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Here’s the Pooh Bear I was talking about.

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Hhaha Oh boy

I had this big train, NOT Thomas but another brand. It ran pretty fast with real puffing smoke! That was my favorite toy in the entire world. And the smoke was like A LOT! Then one day, my mother gave it away to charity without asking me. If ran out of puffing smoke which is probably why but it was amazing :cry:

EDIT: FOUND IT!!! BRINGS BACK MEMORIES… It had like 6 more cars attached

Dude, that was my shit.

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I have the Trendmasters Ultimate Godzilla (1998) on my nightstand.
It’s about 2 feet tall and I’ve had it for 18 years. I keep a Hot Wheels taxi cab in its mouth :sunglasses:

I also have this T-Rex

And a full set of all the Disney’s Gargoyles toys, including the mini PVC figures.


Yeah, I was huge into Animorphs, I have every single book released, even the choose your own adventure and all those.




what. The hell. is that. :laughing:

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My favourite animorph parody.
…I think it’s a parody, uh… I never read the Animorph books.

I have this statue of a green long neck dinosaur. My wife broke his head off :frowning: but I still have it. I need to fix it. He is awesome.

I really hope I can fix him. I have had him in my room since I was 4.

How have you never read them?! They’re fantastic! You really should give them a try.