Childhood Items you Still Have, or Wish you had, Today


What are some of your childhood items that you still have, or wish you had, today? I still have this stuffed animal Pooh Bear that I got when I was 4. I’ll get a picture of him soon but I’m still at work.

To describe him; He’s got a night gown and night cap that’s a light shade of blue. He used to have this little image of the whole crew from the T.V. show and books but that got washed or picked away by me.


Elmo. My uncle got him for me when I was about 3 years old. He always slept by my side when I lived back in England, all the way up until the day I moved out. I think my parents put him in the attic since I moved to Sweden. :stuck_out_tongue:


I still sleep with mine. My parents can’t hide anything from me. They tried multiple times and found him within minutes of them taking him.


My parents were all for it, Elmo was my beststest buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I still have all my shit. A Kika bear (charity bear) my father gave to me when I was 4, and a turtle plush the size of me head, which I got from me mother when I was 5. Used to sleep with them. still do actually

My dog is also still alive, got him when I was 6. But he’s close to passing away :cry:


A copy of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

Don’t even like disney stories and I love that book.

It’s all broken now cuz I was alittle kid and drew on EVERYTHING.

unfortunately, those copies go for around 250$ now or 300.

So I can’t get another one to read again ;-;

Notice that’s useed, new is in the bottom right


Same here. I have trouble sleeping without my Pooh Bear.


Still Have: My teddy bear name Las Vegas

My mom went on a trip with her childhood best friend to Las Vegas and she won a teddy bear and gave it to me, it was my first stuffed animal and I will never get rid of it…EVER


That tends not to be something you keep. :laughing:

I’ve still got my little multicoloured dinosaur called Fred that I had when I was about 2. He squeaks too. :slightly_smiling:


He still squeaks?


My first and only plushy!! :blush:


I still have my little spheal plushie from when I was a kid. He’s still on my shelf.

Looks like that just without the tag >w<

fun fact: he’s worth 50$ now. O.o
never selling him


Of course. He’s pretty much as good as new. I always took care of my toys.


As do I, but that image on the front was bound to come off.


Some things just don’t keep with time so it was bound to happen like you said. :slightly_smiling:

I also still have my sega megadrive and a few games somewhere.


I still have my Hotwheels collection. One of the cars is worth something over $500 but I’m not selling it. Mainly because it randomly appears and disappears. Probably why it’s so expensive.


My childhood was my gameboy my family all got me for christmass once and like three kilos of Lego.
The gameboy still works, even the battery life time is as good as it always have been, which proves that they no longer makes things like they used to.


Childhood? What’s that?


Ah :frowning:


Uhm, I guess I recall a purple Gameboy Color. I wish I could play with it again.