Cheesy win at relay with Caira's hard pointless work


I’ve just lost match at the relay despite tossing my grenades at monster. He was evidently so afraid of Caira and didn’t chase after me and was keep attacking the relay. Despite me being still alive and able to defend the relay he won be using little time needed for my grenades to reach him + reload. It wasn’t far, cause I was standing right on that flat low building in Destillery (in clear reach of all his abilities). Kinda sucks that non-pin point shooting hunters can’t defend the relay anymore. Relay win should be only to punish hunters who avoid fight and chase, not when monster flee till 3.


It happens :confused: I had the down on the Monster only for him to get to Stage 3 and destroy us all even will only a few bars of health




Caira and Sunny aren’t very good relay defenders. Haven’t really ever been. Their projectiles are a bit slow and have to be arced, allowing the monster to attack the relay. now it’s a bit harder unless very close but then what’s the point?