Cheesy God Dome Back fires and gets everyone killed

well almost killed…

Video is currently uploading, I’m about to go take a nap. It should be up in a few more minutes.

Video not up yet.

Time to riot



Video or rito.

I think you may have uploaded the wrong one mate, the monster loses.


No, that’s how the fight goes. The Hunters don’t have enough of an advantage so they need to pull cheesy domes and pin you in one place so you can’t move. It’s the only way they can win, I mean what are orbital cannons, infinitely recharging shields, science fiction heal guns and a psychic space mutt against something as unstoppable as a big lizard that breathes fire and punches things? They have to even the odds somehow.


The Lana Del Rey remix in the background was a good touch. :+1:

You dumbass :stuck_out_tongue:

3 people getting hit by one rock? Just let trapper and assault take turns at shooting the monster while the shield drone protects one at a time and Val heals. If one gets low on health they swap around. All running in and all getting hit back by the same rock is insane! :open_mouth:


I bet @Wrecker didn’t approve of that…

I disapprove of this.

Gotta love it when you manage to kill something that can’t defend itself properly for the first half of a fight.


Forget defending itself, it can’t even fight back…

I find it a little disgusting to think that you’d keep playing in such a case. Courtesy would dictate that you’d stop and refuse to continue until everyone played fair, but eh.

For one thing the Monster was Meteor Goliath and not OP Karken…

I bet that Player was like “Okay, that’s it. Time to play like a bitch with all these bitch Hunters. Pulls out Kraken

Congrats you just added +1 to the Kraken Populace.


I would’ve. If you’re scum enough to use god domes I’d have no qualms going Kraken or Wraith and using permastun.

Lol glorious

I love how everybody hates on a well placed dome

  1. That monster had absolutely NO business with that relay, when all hunters are alive and he has 1/4 of his health pool

  2. That monster was clearly unaware of the pillar in that room and that you guys didn’t surround him, all in all, weak monster decisions

Sadly people defend such a strat…


Lol, next time I’m about to throw a good dome, I’ll hold it

Cause you might not like where I domes you and won’t be able to mitigate enough damage… lol

Don’t run into a horrible situation in the first place… When your 75% responsible for where ALL domes come as monster

Why should a hunter care if they dome you in a good or great position

Yeah and clearly the Hunter team didn’t need to utilize such a cheap tactic with the Monster being so low but then considering the idiocy of the Hunters all eating a Rock together on more than one occasion it makes me wonder how they got that far in a match to begin with.

Domes like that are pure bullshit and I was expecting a laugh from the video of a God Dome failing but it seems that only one person went down and the Monster dying anyway.

Overall I was misled in this thread and things should be adjusted title wise.

P.S. You’re* is the proper wording.

I respect that they didn’t have to use a tactic like that when the monsters on its last legs

But the team certainly doesn’t owe the monster the courtesy of not allowing the monster to put himself in a horrible position

Cause not being able to mitigate and not being able to attack the hunters is the exact same thing… lol.

Because he shouldn’t try to lure the hunters into an area that favours him by smacking the relay?

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Umm, HOW did he put himself in a horrible position? They abused the curve of that room. There is no other way to string it. The monster was attacking the relay- not the best choice but hardly warranting THAT.

He could have mitigated and drew them in with that goliath sized pillar in the room…

No he has no business trying to force a relay fight he can’t win when the hunters are essentially relationship camping

Especially when the whoke team is up