Cheesy Evolve Jokes


Why did the Goliath cross the road?

Because he saw the damage buff.


Why doesnt Goliath eat clowns?

because they taste funny

What does a hunter do if he’s the last one alive?

he buckets and hydes, but his chances are slim

What’s buckets favourite song

Robot rock

What genre of music does torvald like?

heavy Metal


rock and roll


Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Wait don’t look, it’s probably super OP.


One day Goliath came home late for dinner.

All he got was a cold shoulder.


I don’t get it. :cry:


He eat humans… that have shoulders… cold shoulder for being late…


I got the first part but how do you get a cold shoulder for coming to dinner late? As in, do you mean the chef ignores him or something? I’m dumb, I know. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Could shoulder” have a double meaning.
It’s both because he is late, so someone is mad and because he eat humans.

The joke was not even that cheesy…


Ooooooohhhhhh, okay, I didn’t know that it meant this. Never heard that expression before. I’ve only been learning English for a few years. :stuck_out_tongue: I get it now.


What do you call the last few shenanigans Cabot and his robot pal will go on before meeting their untimely ends?

A BUCKET list.

…My one sucks.


What’s black and white and red all over?
An elite wraith spamming abduction.



Why is Sunny in a good mood?
Because it Is Sunny! Haha… Outside. As in the weather. Yeah.


Heh… Aha… …Funny.


Knock knock…

Who’s there?


Wait? Wait for what?

What? No I said Wraith!

I’m sorry there’s a door in between us so it’s hard to hear properly and I could open the door but you said “Wait.”

No I said Wraith!

Okay I’ll wait.

Rape? What?

Yeah it’s fine I’ll do it.

What? No! F**k it… this joke sucks.