Cheesing, what are you thoughts on the Topic?


Like many of you, I love gaming, it’s not my number one passion in life but i’ve grown up around PC’s and console gameplay so I enjoy it a lot.

However, If you’re not aware, there is a thing called cheesing, this is when an individual/group exploit an in-game mechanic with the intent to receive a reward in a manner not intended by the game designers.

So what are your views on cheesing?

Personally, I dislike cheesing as it goes against the way the game was intended to be played. If you can’t complete the objective in a fair and honest manner then you don’t deserve any reward, simple.


Do you mean like when CoD players boost by joining matches and camping each other?

If so, I strongly dislike players who participate in this activity as it ruins the fun and thrill of earning things the correct way.


hate it damn character limit


As long as it’s casual non competitive play I’m fine with it provided it isn’t too extreme


I believe that anything that is possible in a game is not against the rules, the makers of that game made the rules, if there is an exploit and they dislike it, they should be alerted to it so as to fix the issue. However untill such time, there will be others who continue to exploit such things, and because of that, one may have to compromise their morals and use the exploit as well in order to keep up.

I disagree with such exploits, but unless my oponent uses such an exploit I will refrain from using it as well, in favor of good old fashioned sportsmanship.


Basically what this guy said.

There is, of course, very much a difference between people who actually abuse a broken system ( actual hackers, botters, super-gankers ) and people who just use the system legitimately to their advantage with certain strategies ( camping, sniping, actual gankers ). Those who complain about the latter is what we call a Scrub.

Scrub (noun): Someone who sets up their own series of arbitrary rules about what constitutes good or valid play completely independently of how the game actually works.

To spot a Scrub, pay attention to phrases such as " lol, X picker ", or " 1v1 me " in a team-based game.


I remember this Dutch guy I knew, he used to play with my group in BFBC2, he got rich off a browser MMO he’d made. He rented a ranked server and paid his friends so that they would arm the m-coms for him to disarm and get points and progress with the unlocks, or stand still for him to land headshots from long distances.


Depends on what game you’re playing. Some games it doesnt affect the other players but in most of the games it does. And if its used against other players im against it.


cheesing/exploiting ? yeah im fine with that.
Good on the people that find creative way to trick the system. Look at people speedrunning games. They literally compete with each other to find another part you can cheese to complete games quicker.
Sure, its cheap sometimes if you just toss a boss off a platform to avoid 30min of continuous fighting, but if you find a way to trick the system why not ?
As long as youre not breaking any rules i dont see why people get so mad about it.

You give me a game with lots of design flaws and dont fix them when they become a problem ? You can be damn sure ill be exploiting them.


So far the only thing I’d consider ‘cheesing’ if anything in the game would be the teams that rely almost purely on the no-combat timer. It’s currently fairly abusable on many maps, just staying all spread out and max range shooting the monster so that it can’t hit the objective, relying on using the short respawn timer and scattering so that you can never be cleared.

Personally I think the design is currently flawed as is, and really would be my only complaint about evolve. The timer is a necessity to assure the monster doesn’t just run and hide all game, however in its current state it encourages stall cheese, which while it is a valid strategy in the game at the moment, it’s also extremely boring and lacklustre. Far from what the developers intended.

Off the top of my head, I’d probably counter it with some kind of renewing timer. For example, if they kept it exactly as is, but when the monster downs/kills a hunter it resets to 3 minutes. This still forces the monster to fight, and commit, but removes the opportunity to cheese out by just zerg spawning and not letting him hit the objective. Alternatively, the timer could not count down if the dropship timer is active.

There are several ways to do it, but as it is, whenever a game is going to end by timer I feel it was more of a draw than anything, regardless of what team I was on. Feels very anti-climactic, unepic, and detracts from the entire feel of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it depends on the game, if exploiting something that will give you advantage in the game then yes I’m against it. For example Samurai of Legend had something that allowed you to go over the limit of something to power train your character. I had a rival on that game and we were pretty even until he learn to power train his character then jumped way above me.

Something I’m worried about in Evolve is having a 5 man lobby of friends to speed up the progression and get characters and elite skins unlocked with little effort.


I’m against abusing a broken feature that is clearly not in line with what the designers intended (riding MAVs in Battlefield 3 to parts of the map they were never meant to be on is a perfect example). People who use the excuse that “its in the game, so its ok” are just being apologists for exploitive behavior.

Thankfully I haven’t seen anything in Evolve that would make me concerned that this will be a problem.


I have never thought camping, sniping, or ganking was wrong in a player versus player game, personally. However I want to make a correction to your definition of scrub… I grew up in the 90s and it definitely is as follows:

Scrub - a guy who can’t get no love from me, sittin’ in the passenger side of his best friend’s ride, tryin’ to holler at me.


Never ever heard the term before. But on the face of it, I’m not of the belief that “Just because the devs have not yet patched it, doesn’t mean it’s not a bug that breaks the game’s balance.” In the end, if someone has to utilize a glitch to get the upperhand on you, it’s a feather in your cap and shows cowardice on their part; but if you disagree with it enough, I would just go elsewhere to find another game with other players.


I have no problem with cheesing. Sometimes games are better played differently than the way developers intended.


only when it is used on competive multiplayer games online do I hate it, however if its a single player like skyrim then I want them to stay instead of being pacthed


What would be an example of this in Evolve?


It’s unfortunate and can sometimes make games less fun. It is up to TRS to make sure that nothing is too exploitable but also up to the community to try to develop counter strategies which I would prefer they do before starting to complain about it.


Evolve is different in many ways to ye olde multiplayer games, so a lot of oldschool methods plain don’t work due to asymmetry, lack of instakill opportunities, and plain old good design.

One arguably cheesy move that I can think of would be for the monster to continually wipe out most of the hunter team, wait for them to respawn, and then keep wiping them for bonus XP / to be a dick. Of course, for this to work, the monster would have to be leagues above the hunters to pull this off, but that’s where most cheesy stuff comes from - superior players using ridiculous strategies on newbies/baddies that any decent team would totally be able to deal with.


I believe the spawn camping Goliath with 3-points into ground pound is an example of cheesing. Some monster players were wiping out hunters at stage 1 by doing it. This got a lot of hunter players upset because it wasn’t the way they thought the game should be played. Personally, I’m completely fine with this. It’s no more cheesy than the big mech thing rush that used to be all the rage in Starcraft 2. If you fail you are severely crippled.

Another cheese tactic was playing as Maggie and laying down harpoons in front of you while running away from a pursuing monster. The harpoon traps would arm and stop the monster from doing damage if you completely ignored it and kept running away. The developers did delay the arming of harpoon traps as a result. If the monster player had simply jumped to the side and cut off the escaping Maggie player the monster could have effectively countered without the need for a change.

I don’t think cheesing covers malicious exploits such as reaching an area of the map where your character is invincible against foes. Shooting at opponents from under the map (not ok) in a buggy BF game is way different than getting on top a building no one expected you to get on top of (ok).