Cheesing Stage 1 wraith


A lot of people are having succes with stage 1 wraith suddenly.
Sitting in the spawn, killing the hunters with ease in 2-3 minutes.
They have 20+ winstreaks…

and i dont think that wraith countered +20 hunter groups in a row

EDIT: Though a good possibility, like Shin said, its the experienced players exploiting the fact that lot of new players dont know how to play this game

EDIT: Is caira good in these situations with her self sustain? or a hank with his shields?

EDIT: Rogue Val & Hank are the strongest counters to that strategy lol


They’re fighting unskilled new players. People do it on Behemoth and Goliath too.

I can go make a video of Behemoth doing an S1 off the dropship… But @SledgePainter wouldn’t be happy with me doing it. But if the point needs to be made, I can make it for you.

It’s not the monster being OP. It’s the players being new.


Just faced a Goliath who tried to do that. We were a random group but 2 of us had mics and we handled it.
He did have some higher winstreak and it felt satisfying to break it.