Cheers to the TRS devs!


I want to thank all of the developers for being super active in the forums this weekend. Having played various alphas/betas over the past decade, this is one of the first times that I have seen multiple dev team members participating in the forums extensively. If their involvement here is a sign of things to come, I am feeling pretty good about how Evolve will evolve into a top notch FPS come this fall. Keep it up!


Second that! :smiley:



Nice to see everyone being nice to each other and reporting a lot of details to the Alpha section, you’ve all been a great help too so thank you very much for participating! :thumbsup:


I have been thoroughly impressed by the activity of multiple people at TRS, not just during the alpha, but since I’ve joined the forums. It’s indeed rare that so many employees make it a point to respond to questions, concerns, and comments. I’d expect to hear from the Community Manager, as that’s part of the job. But we get to hear from everyone from the top down. It’s quite a confidence booster when you know that these guys/girls aren’t just there to collect a paycheck. TRS genuinely cares about the community, and those are the kinds of game developers I want to support.


Right there with you!


Yay thanks for playing! We’re so glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


I knew I was going to buy Evolve, however now that I have a PS4… I am buying one copy for PC and one for PS4 now! I have a few friends who only own a PS4 and are on the fence about Evolve. Once they see the game in action, they will be hooked.