Check out this Sunny hack


I was just playing this level 40 premade and Sunny had two shield protectors, both working, and suspended in the air. This was on xbox 1.!106


Ugh, can’t see the video, my internet in my phone is horrible, but @TheMountainThatRoars Do you think that’s what the other guy was talking about out? The flying shield drone ?


Well that is truly gamebreaking, I shed a tear for that poor Behemoth :sleepy:


I don’t mind losing, I just hate losing to cheaters who can’t play the game. Takes all the fun out of it.


Yeah, not sure if it’s an exploit or hack. Paging @MrStrategio and @MajorLeeHyper.


I’m only seeing the one. (And yes, it was stacked up there using an exploit.)


We are aware of this bug that is being exploited and have worked towards a resolution, which should be in the upcoming patch.


Thank you!


It’s in the second video


Whoa I wonder how he did that


What’s the point in wining if you had to something stupid like this to win.


So the floating projector is an exploit, is the double projectors an exploit as well?

I’ve almost elited Sunny and I’ve never been able to do this. Until this morning I’ve never seen it done. What is being exploited?


I’ve seen this a few times now. I play Bohemoth primarily when I’m playing solo, and this is one of those situations where it’s really hard to capitolize on the situation. Instead of fighting direct on, you’re forced to try and push the Hunter players to another portion of the map, but given that the shield doesn’t have a cooldown (other than to charge) who’s to say the Sunny player can’t just use the exploit again in another location?

The only other thing I’d suggest is to beat them at their own game… sort of. Go to the power relay and put up a rock wall, then start hitting the relay. If they want to stay out there and fight, you’re forcing them to come in on that map.

And yes, I realize the video was a demonstration of the glitch :smile:


What is the glitch/exploit? Did Sunny get a 200% jump hight and climb to the drop shop level and set the projectors on the drop ship platform?

What existing game element did she use to make this happen? I want to know how it’s an exploit and not a hack.


its an exploit

both of it


I’ve never seen double shield projectors!!! That’s crazy. Whenever a sunny stacks them in the air though and stands on it, and I’m brohemoth, I put a wall right under it, climb up and smash her off. :stuck_out_tongue:


You didn’t answer the question.

Shied projectors don’t follow the five placed items rule. How is it an exploit? What existing game element is being used?


You can only place one shield drone. Anything more than that is an exploit, especially the floating ones and stacked ones and the infinite jet pack booster


What’s the difference between a hack and an exploit?


What about people who exploit unintended mechanics?