Cheating, Infinite Jetpack Fuel and Meth-Addled Russian Kids; The Thread


Been playing monster exclusively tonight. Just Meatbath being Meaty, trying to get some leveling done. Win some, lose some. Some I lose head up just being sloppy, but occasionally due to a team that talks to each other, ropes me in and holds the spread. Don’t mind that so much. You know it when you see it because it looks like you’re trying to squish the Ghostbusters. I get dropped by superior players and it’s gg all around. Learn something new every time and I’m relieved when it’s not due to cheating.

But the cheating.

The cheating.

No one’s dome locked me tonight, but this crap I’m seeing with hunters and infinite jetpack, or being slowed from impossible distances through solid rock?

I mean, c’mon.

Someone’s gotta do something. This shit is fucking up my chi.

It’s not enough that I’m being caught by a single hunter faster than I can even make sense of it, especially when I’m leaving a spotty trail, at best, but seriously, it’s not even like they’re trying to hide it since there’s no real repercussions. I’m not just saying it because I’m domed so fast either. Yeah, I’m being slow with my early eating, I’m the asshole, sometimes it happens and I deserve it. No, I’m talking about the level 16 with the blown out hunter that stays in the air impossibly long and literally vanishes in front of my face when I won’t let up on them. Or when the same hunter manages to keep up with me after I blast out of a dome like I got shot out of a lubed up cannon, leaving two downed hunters in my wake and using every escape method Meaty has in his arsenal, which is considerable when you get that he can pretty much cover 1/4 of the map in a go if the cooldowns are up.

But even having said all that, I ain’t mad. I’m not mad mad at the devs, not mad at the game or bitching about a rebalance. I don’t stop playing monster or trash talk when I get wrecked. Yeah, I’ll tell them how neat it is when bullets come out of the wall or when jetpack fuel is infinite just to let them know that yeah, I see that shit, you ain’t foolin’ no one, but at no point am I naive enough to think anything I say or do will suddenly change shitty people into honest ones. If anything, I’d ask the people that see a cheater on their team to say something, but I can’ t hold out for that either, even though it’s going to be kind of tough to keep that cheating shit going if every teammate you have bitches at you constantly.

But even then, if you all just white knighted for old Meatbath, the man-eating monster you need to kill to advance, if you all left the match and it was just me, the cheater and a bunch of bots, well, even then, the cheater would still win considering that bots wind up being more lethal than players when they’re present in numbers.

Whatever, just saying, this shit’s weak, and with no real consequences, name and shame being banned on the boards and even reporting a cheating player being way, way too complicated right now, I might as well just go back to running around the slush in The Division, falling asleep at my keyboard, only snapping to when the noise of getting ganked by screaming Russian kids on ADD meds with open mics blasts through my headphones. Given, I’d rather shave my head with a potato peeler than do that, but least they’re zero tolerance with the cheating now.

I’d rather play a boring game with meth-fueled maniacs that can’t cheat than the best game out with half the matches I’m in being ruined by this shit.


In relation to reporting cheaters, you can fill out a problem report here
with any information on cheaters that you have as well as bugs and such. You can also pm helpfull detailes to the devs.

I think this can help in the long run.


Sir I don’t know who the hell you are, but I like ya already.

In honesty i’ve rarely had this problem, and not that i’ve noticed since stage 2 launched, but it does happen. I remember a couple friends of mine ran into a cheater that had kicked my ass before. They both played monster, and he was a griffin with unlimited jetpack and instant reload on harpoons, meaning he could pretty much shoot harpoons as fast as he could click, which ended up being pretty fuckin fast. If you are wondering how much damage that does, it’s a fuckload. One friend was a kraken player and he nearly beat him, but he lost in a 1v1. My other friend played wraith, and the cheater ended up shitting teeth by the end of the match, and lost while his team looked on. He was banned shortly after that I think, so their is some justice in this world, if only some.

If this is as big a problem as you make it out to be, then I know it’s being looked at. You can help out by reporting the asshole with the link provided by Void_Omega. Other than that, I hope you stick around, and if you leave I hope you come back. Getting ganked by Russian tweakers has to lose it’s charm at some point. Good luck either way.


Any idea what’ll be done with the information I provide? If they’re actively going to do something with it, awesome, otherwise it’s just me blowing up the message box of a dev like a psycho ex-girlfriend with the only notable consequence being that I’ve had more of my time wasted by a cheater.


I appreciate the headnod as much as I do the acknowledgement that I’m not just hallucinating this nonsense. Really, if they’re banning folks, I’ll start tossing the info at the proper authorities like r̶o̶c̶k̶s̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶A̶S̶S̶H̶O̶L̶E̶ ̶H̶U̶N̶T̶E̶R̶ ̶T̶H̶A̶T̶’̶S̶ ̶S̶T̶I̶L̶L̶ ̶A̶I̶R̶B̶O̶R̶N̶ ̶W̶T̶F̶ ̶I̶T̶S̶ ̶B̶E̶E̶N̶ ̶2̶0̶ ̶S̶E̶C̶O̶N̶D̶S my life depended on it.


If we receive credible evidence (video, detailed reports, multiple corroborating witnesses would be ideal) that proves the use of cheats and the identity of the cheater, then we work with 2K to ban the cheater.

Descriptions of the nature of the cheats in use also helps us know how the game’s code and data need to be hardened.

So these reports are indeed useful, not a waste of time. We pay attention to them.


They likely collect and view this information and use thunderchild telemetry and videos and images submitted by the player of the bug or exploit to help get to the root of whatever issue is in need of fixing.

In relation to cheats/hacks though, the devs are working harder than ever to remove them from the game. Every single time they update the game, providing that they have collected enough information and have found how the exploits are working, they can make these exploits impossible untill someone outpaces them and biulds a new one.

Ive been Ninjad.


I want to say that if or when I imply that I fear nothing might be done, don’t take it as a swing at you guys. I appreciate the shit out of you like you don’t even know. If it comes off like I’m saying y’all are lazy or don’t care it’s not intentional, it’s because well, there’s a million fucking people playing this and humans, well, they’re generally awful and will cheat if they can get away with it. That amounts to oodles of potential cheaters. You guys, the devs that gave us this wonderful gift, you’ve got to be up to your necks in cheat reports both credible and otherwise.

That being said, I will take this new information and go attempt to eat some folks. I’ll see if I can’t find an easy way to accumulate evidence with out it hindering my ability to breathe fire, eat said folks and/or, as is always the goal, become a better Meatbath.

Thanks for the responses, folks.


Oh, one more thing because it made me lol when I saw it and I have to know:

The pic I saw of Goliath with some gold paint splashed on him and something about a Prime iteration of him, was that a joke stab at Warframe or is that legit?


Since Evolve is free2play now, it’s fairly easy to just create a new steam account, after you got banned?
It would be nice to know if 2K bans the SteamID or does “a bit more than that” (IP, Hardware bans e.g.).

I didn’t follow Evolve for about 9 months, so you guys correct me, but is there even a AC tool implemented?
Reporting suspicous players on a forum is a (small) start, but will never be the solution obviously.
Looking at the competitive player community (which you guys obviously trying to build up again), this is a very fundamental thing. I hope the answer to this question will not be “We’ve got VAC. It’s all fine”.

If a official answer appears, please tag me in the post.

Yours sincerely,
a ex competitive Evolve player


I think every single hack out there exploits the client-side data. Switching functionality to server-side has a metric ton of consequences and I doubt TRS is going to do that. What could be done is some server-side checks that report any anomalies found. For example, if a hunter uses 6 jetpack boosts in a row, the server reports the player for investigation, as no matter what perks you take, there is no way to do that. Same thing with abilities. Say the Wraith’s Decoy has minimum cooldown of X second after taking into account all kinds of cooldown reduction. If the Wraith is seen using every X-2 seconds, then something is fishy again.

This kind of solution won’t stop hackers at all, but it will not require any big changes to the client and it will make the most obvious hackers easily identifiable.

  1. There are pretty nice jetpack boost perks now + movement speed.
  2. Caira has speed boost, Sunny jetpack boost, Kala teleporters.
  3. Tracking is better.
    Ergo it’s no easy feat to run away for long against veteran hunters now. No cheats required.

However I saw videos (never in my personal expirience) where some guys defeted Kraken with non-cooldown aftershocks, Goliath on speed hack and Hyde with infinite jetpack, but it was long ago. And I saw players with Vac blockades on some games playing Evolve so they tried some cheats before in other games.


It’s legit. Hit level 40 with Goliath and it’s yours!


I can’t for the life of me remember which game… the game did not have anti cheat, but was able to identify cheats and make the words cheater!!! appear over his head or something like that.

If this game was able to at least do that. I’m sure all the kind players here will definitely report him here, with video evidence. Tedious, but hey it’s a start.


Ok, ok, challenge accepted. Still, wouldn’t have faulted y’all for the Warframe stab. That game’s a scam F2P with my monster’s level 3 gigaballs.

And yeah, I know, there’s a chance I might be mistaking it for buffed jetpack stuff, but dude, trust me, no amount of perks are going to let you straight up POWEDERED…TOAST…MAN into the fucking ionosphere when I notice you over there, shooting me with that thingy youre holding, looking all delicious and decide that you’d totally look hot with a big fucking rock on your head.


Cheaters are absolutely repulsive in my opinion, but hey. Kudos to you for doing your thing in spite of them.


Nah. Hard to get me down. I just make up new rules in my head, like the whole eating of the tank cancelling out a win if they’re cheating in my book. Wish my keys would reflect the small wins, but whatever. Shit’s still hilarious.


Totally agreed.