Cheating has officially killed Evolve


Title says it all. Don’t take the post as a “I hate Evolve! Insert mindless bickering and complaining filler here. Oh and NERF!”

No. I rather enjoy Evolve. I don’t care about who thinks what is OP or balance issues, or whether or not Caira can fully out heal a stage 2 monster. No. None of that matters. What does matter is that the PC community on Steam has now fallen to under 5K players. Why? Longevity? Perhaps, but now that is has been proven to be about 1 in 4 players are cheating, then we have no desire to play publicly any longer. Due to no anti cheat system in place, the game is now destroyed over this very issue. I want to play online, but can’t. I don’t care how many of you got “lucky” and haven’t run into a cheater. I’m jealous I admit. While I on the other hand have been unlucky enough to find the cheaters. Your basic Google search of trainers will lead you straight to Lingon’s or Mr. Anti Cheat’s trainers in which you will not be penalized for in any regard as TRS continues to allow them. Though there is a reporting system via 2K’s website, nothing is being done. You can report and record all the videos you want to. Clearly hasn’t solved anything in almost two months.

While I enjoy the core game play, playing online is no longer an option. It’s just not fun anymore. I would love to meet new players and group up that way, but public match making is over. Never again until Valve/Steam/TRS implements an actual anti-cheat system.


Bumping to the top to get feedback.


320 hours in

still not 1 cheater…

and noone on my friendlist

i know they are out there but there are way more in bf,cod etc :confused:


The newest patch added some anti cheat stuff for PC. I play on XB1 and I haven’t encountered a single cheat or hack yet but the consoles are far more secure against hacks and cheats though.


Perhaps, but at least Battlefield utilizes both PunkBuster and FairFight. Evolve uses nothing.


encountered exactly 0 cheaters in 300+ hours.


Last patch added anti-cheat


I’m actually jealous that you have had an enjoyable experience that long. Unfortunately the PC player base numbers don’t lie otherwise. Whether it’s longevity or cheating, it has dropped dramatically.


1.3 patch?


Waiting 7 (yes seven) weeks to “balance” the game killed evolve. Don’t kid yourself.


Not sure if cheating but just found a guy who had some problems.

Seems pretty good as a cheat tool. Especially if its Kraken.

Kinda like a Behemoth Goliath combo


2.0 patch look in the patch notes


Who really cares about people crying about the Wraith. TRS listened to that. Could care less your “pro” idiots got spanked by a random Wraith player. Don’t care. Cheating still very much exists. That’s what kills online gaming faster than anything. Look at Counter Strike before they finally got VAC working the way it was meant.


Every cheater I thought I ran into turned out to be exploiting or just using an ability in a way I hadn’t thought of.

The steam community is withering for a few reasons:

  1. The steam costs are horrendous. Shopping around you can get much better deals.
  2. The steam reviews are horrible. And mostly revolve around the cost.
  3. Because of 1 & 2, game buy-in is small, and there’s no sample or demo to draw people in.
  4. Game glitches and perceived balance issues: Turns off a lot of people. I realize we’re in an early state for the game, but people are getting annoyed at waiting for the telemetry for weeks before changes are being made to address balance issues. And some of the Glitches in the game have been around since beta apparently… Which still aren’t fixed.

I for one like the game. I managed to turn 5 of my friends into buyers and we all play the game together for fun. All on PC. Trying is believing. I recently just purchased a new computer just so I wouldn’t be effected by the withering performance this game suffers from. Makes it the most expensive game I’ve purchased yet ($860)…


I can agree to that. I think some of that contributes to the lack of players. Glitches/Exploits are still cheating in a sense. Though the game code allows for one side or the other to benefit doesn’t mean that it should be an end all, be all. Obviously patches can cure such issues. Have I ever exploited? Sure. Did it in Destiny of all games. I don’t want to be a hypocrite here, I’m merely referring to those obviously using a trainer such as monster players spamming back to back abilities. Doesn’t matter what your perks allow, no ability is back to back to back. The trainer users are easy to spot and just makes me want to quit altogether.

I too enjoy the game like you do, or the rest of this forum for that matter. We’re all still here because we get something out of Evolve. If I didn’t I’d move on. That’s just simple logic, however I’d like to see some sort of ban hammer start happening to those few who ruin it for everyone else.


Things I’d like to see:

  1. A “Trainee” version of the game. Like a demo mode where only the Tier1 hunters are allowed. Might stink to be stuck in a round with a bunch of trainees I suppose… But it should be enough to get them to like the game and buy in.
  2. An in-game way to report players/cheaters/toxic people. It’s necessary.
  3. Cross-Platform: There are healthy console communities out there. Seems a shame to lose out on an entire PC market because of lack of buy-in.
  4. A greater anti-cheat system, or someone to review their anti-cheat data. Or at least an acknowledgement that they are reviewing the data and taking care of it in some fashion.
  5. For the love of Krakthulu, better performance out of the engine. I really feel like half the performance requirements in this game are because of poor rendering issues and poor optimization.


I agree 1,000% with all 5 of those. At least AMD finally released beta driver 15.3 to address crossfire. Only took two months.


Wait, what where? I have an AMD and it’s killing me. Tell me more?


Evolve uses VAC.


VAC does nothing if it’s not followed up on. Cheats have to be identified and reported.