Cheaters: Why is there nothing to do about them?


I’m going to try to make a post at 2k, doubt it might help. However, I just had a game ruined by a pair of cheaters using what was obviously no cd, inf jp, and what seemed like some map cheat (although they probably were just able to stay on me without issue).

Why is there no way to report or kick players on this site? Considering the same few people have cheated out their way to the top of the leaderboards and have been there for a few weeks, does TRS or 2K even give a shit about them? I’m willing to be patient with balances…put up with DLC… but the one thing that ruins games for me are cheaters and that is the SOLE reason why I play this game instead of CS:GO much anymore.

This game needs some oversight on players who cheat and grief…


If I’m correct they’re currently attempting to fix the infinite Jetpack cheat.


450 hours in

still not 1 cheater


u guys must have rly bad luck


Lol. I hope so

Yeah I have 305 hrs and this is the first I’ve ever noticed… It was just so… soo blatant. If it would get them banned I’d upload the shadowplay I have of them doing it…

Val is literally rapid-fire shooting Sniper Rifle, even the sound clips my speakers.


I have that many hours and I’ve only ran into a couple, but it’s extremely annoying that they can basically run free, ruin the leaderboards, permanently ruined the global averages, etc. I’ve seen infinite jetpacks, no cooldown (both Monsters & Hunters) and I’m fairly certain I’ve seen wallhacking. Monsters already have a built-in wallhack mechanic, but I don’t care how many times you smell, you shouldn’t be able to know where everyone is and where they’re going at all times in the middle of an endless combo - that’s a red flag.


Aye, 500+ in so far, never seen a blatant cheater in-game. Had that weird Not-Really-Here invisible player scaring birds across the map once, but I think that’s a bug, not a cheat.

Not to say I may have just missed em or whatever, but I’m pretty observant of that kind of stuff, being that I’m counting shots of certain Hunters and boosts of whomever I fancy when I play Monster :stuck_out_tongue:

To OP: Iirc, I think it’s 2K that handles that subject, as they are the ones who own the servers. I think. Hard to say for sure w/ 2K sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


I think maybe instead of us being unlucky, you’re the one who is lucky? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I had some really odd stuff happen but no cheats. I joined a game in progress yesterday and I was flying over the map. Had two strikes and everyone on my team except Daisy and a Torvals was flying. I tried jumping and jetpacking to fall down eventually, nothing worked. Had to watch the Behemoth destory the Relais. :frowning:


Playing on PC? Expect it. That’s what PC gaming is nowadays: who has the better mods. Look at any popular PC game and see how the forums are filled with complaints of hackers/cheaters, and apparently nothing being done about them. PC gaming master race.


Now that you mention, in my server there used to be players with a million wins or something, now they are gone (at least for Kraken). Actually , the ranking starts at 8. I thought it was weird. But that means technically I’m at 7 (?) :slight_smile:


nah its the same for my team so i think that its not me :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’ve only run into cheaters twice that I noticed. The worst was getting domed about 20 seconds after the last dome went down. :confused: