CHEATERS spotted! Any fix? anti-cheat system?


Didn t think it would be possible to cheat in such a game, but it is.

I found a player that had no cooldown on jetpack. He was flying with the trapper class maggie, next to the kraken, flowing in the air, at the same speed as the beast, spamming 10 times in a rown his jetpack. Thus he was able to maintain himself in the air forever.

I just wished to report that such an exploit existed, and I hope it will be fixed!

Best regards! Nevertheless, nice in-game comunity.


Video, or it didn’t happen.


There have been similar complaints on this forum before. Looks like some people found an exploit and are abusing it.


During the IVth century B.C, Alexander the Great conquested most oriental territories, from Egypt to India, but sorry, it didn’t happen, there are no video about this… Do we need video to believe someone? Do I come here and create a post just for the pleasure to troll like you? NO??? NO! so go somewhere else where you are not needed.


Kindly avoid such ignorant replies. Multiple other reputable memebrs an myself have found this too. The devs have confirmed that it is real and are acting on it.



this many different people saying the same thing means hax


Apparently one of us- I think FrontlinerDelta, but I’m not sure- actually found some online. :confused: People just have to ruin games.

On the plus side, all the hackers suck at Evolve, and you can Stage 1 slaughter them to teach them a lesson. Very satisfying.


Just wish to see some footage/screens of these cheaters… not that hard to screenshot/video record now-a-days.

Personally don’t understand cheaters, let alone cheaters in evolve…