Cheaters on Xbox One


Just ran across two possible cheaters. I joined a game and it dropped me in taking over a wraith bot. Only two hunters in game, Caira & Hank. Even thought there were only two, they still could dome and use griffin’s harpoon. The harpoon kept coming out of nowhere and i kept looking for him. The big sign was Caira being able to use Val’s medgun and tranqs.

I just checked my game clip again. Not 100% sure if it was Caira now or Val. I can’t tell in the clip, but i swore in game it was Caira. You do get a good look at the harpoon out of nowhere and no trapper or assault to be seen.


Could be a glitch where the hunters remain on the drop ship


Use the evolve app and check the replays, if you were signed into your my2k account that is. If you look at the replays, then u can see who u were facing


@Bone_Breaker thanks for the idea. Looked it up and it says Val. The map shows four hunters moving around the entire game. I definitely only saw two and my clip does confirm that. So maybe just a possible bug?`