Cheaters Never Prosper


You know you’re doing good when one of the hunters has to glitch to try to beat you. I was playing Kraken on The Dam when the Support decided to glitch up in the fence area near the Power Relay. I know the devs already know about this but I just wanted to share this gameplay with you guys. Despite the glitching I do end up baiting the Support out with an incapacitated Medic and then go to work.


This is a spot like another, and this is easy to beat someone in there, even more as Kraken.

This is not really a ¨cheater¨


Yeah I found out afterwards how to counter it and it’s a cheater as the intention to win the game through an exploit is there. Doesn’t have to be a hacker to be a cheater but I get what you’re saying.


XD, i know that feeling. The same thing happened to me today, but I actually managed to kill her while she was on top of the damn thing. I made sure to save her for last