Cheater in evolve please See

Please help guys , cheater in evolve pls watch this video ##### and report is guy ######

Hi @11153,

name shaming is not allowed on the forums as per the community guidelines found here:

That said, if you want to report a hacker, please see the post here:

and private message one of the following people: @LadieAuPair, @MrStrategio with the info you have.


I messaged your info in a private message to one of the devs. Meanwhile I suggest not to post the hacker/cheater’s steam profile on the forums nor post a video where the hacker/cheater’s name is visible.

If you have any footage or links to Steam accounts with suspicious activity, please take look at the post above I send you and private message one of the devs there mentioned with that info.

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Ok sry i dont now

It’s ok, since you are new, please also take a look also at the following post as it will help you get around :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else.

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what about is hacker ?

The devs will look further into it. Unfortunately that is all I can tell you.

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Thanks very help

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You pro player in evolve right ?

I have a good 500 hours in Evolve, but that doesn’t make me pro.
I see people with a good 1000-2000 hours and more in this game who I watch and they are definitely pro players.

I also play well, but I think it is due to stage 2 has changed the balance of the monsters become easy :confused:

You find monster play easy? Maybe you haven’t encountered a good co-operative hunter team yet. Have you tried Ranked?

yep im tried in evolve so hard , but evolve stage 2 long time search match :frowning: 10min to one hour

Try changing your download region and some network troubleshooting steps (which can be found in the post below)

Ok i try later

when evolve was on free2play did not have cheaters right ?