Cheater detected!


I have been playing today with random people and I’ve came across this one cheating bastard.
That person could go through walls and stay there in safety, to avoid any harm to be done to them…
Whenever monster attacked, that player was nowhere near to be found! We could already see them teleporting away from the battle…

Seriously, that’s totally unfair, not only that person didn’t want to participate in fighting the monster, that guy also taunted us and laughed at our failure of stopping the monster, silly person!

That guy should be banned from the game.

Here is the proof:

Please, ban that player!


There have been several glitches on maps where people (espically AI) have been falling through the map. It most likely isn’t cheating but a glitch. Try posting it on the glitch forums.


Oh man, you must be fun at parties, aren’t you :frowning:

I’ve tried to be funny.
Of course I know it’s a glitch, it’s just Daisy out of the map after all!


Yes because it is so simple to tell sarcasim in text


That devious trapjaw up to no good again.


Oh my god as soon as I saw daisy I busted out laughing xD


I always knew there was something suspicious about Daisy. I played a round where Daisy didn’t revive us and monster didn’t attack her. I think her and the monster has a deal going on…


What is she planning under there, I wonder?