Cheat or me beeing noob?


Just played 2 matches against team of noobs. Ate them alive with my wraith, 3 ded, 30s later hunters resurected! All! Again, kill them all but medic, hunters resurected! 3-4 x more , Im starting to eat corpses in thinking its lazarus or something, again same eating 3 of them, but medic is nowhere!
Then after 4-5 series of killing all 3 members,saw medic, ate him and it ended. Next match, same team, same story! Just after 15 min I got bored of killing them and destroyed relay at end. Medic was Emet I think, no respawn delay 2-3 min, probably 30s even I killed them all probably 4-5x each.


Emet has respawn beacon to resurrect dead hunters, so yeah it is the latter.


You just answered your question.

Emet has a respawn beacon that he can place down pretty much whenever he wants.


ye, but does that beacon can skip 2-3 min and increasing penalty for killing hunters? I killed them 5-6 x or more probably 3 hunters but medic and they respawned in like 30 s, and emet was practically invisible or long away, and I even think he disapeared few times when I was attacking him like lazarus


you need dis.

emet could have dodge jetpack perk, a sudden burst boost in another direction.


Most likely just inexperience. If he disappeared, it may have been lag on either end as well.


His respawn beacon works like that, yes.

It shoots a giant purple pillar up into the sky, so it’s relatively easy to find and destroy. And if he’s so far away that you can’t make it in time, then they’ve got no medic and you’ve got nothing to worry about.


facepalm, then another facepalm as i realize thats what i thought first time too