Cheat/Hack confirmed


I was just connecting into a running game and was Kraken. I was right in a teamfight and first i wanted to run away.

I somehow noticed, that Bucket was shooting me with his Rockets all the time. When i looked for him i knew why.

Either to a Cheat or to a Hack, the Player “dNlolz” was able to constantly do fuel-bursts. He was on the max height all game and Fuel-Jumping twice each second. His Fuel never depleted or atleast the Lack of Fuel was no hindrance to him due to his Cheat/Hack.

He probably was the reason, the player before me left that round…


Console game? If so link video to YouTube via share function for us. Otherwise it’s all literally hearsay.

Sorry man.

Can’t say I’d be surprised. New games always have glitches and exploits. So.