Cheat detected: Speeding up gameplay


Just had a guy by the name of The.Devil who kept speeding up the game and was unkillable, every time you went near him he just threw healing bombs at himself and the game was sped up like crazy.

What will 2k do about these cheats?


well with evidence you report them on support page and they get banned from playing online.


Your not allowed to call people out on the forums its against the rules

Report it to 2K and leave it be


I agree, just played against him, wallhack, infinite jet pack and heal boost.

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I’m glad I wasn’t just seeing things…


I’ve send an email to the 2K support.

Next time we need to prove that he is using cheat by recording a video.

If you guyz meet him, please record and contact 2K.


Please refer to this article.

Here is the e-mail for reporting bad players.
Visit and select Evolve > Gameplay Issue > “Abusive Player Report” or send us an email at


why didnt you just leave like every other game youre loosing OP ?


Spending up the game is easy as eating a piece of cake…

Probably some kid who wants to show how small his epeeeny is…

Ofcourse this wont work on offline mod as this would speed up AI anf believe me they will eat you for breakfast …


speeding up the game? you mean he has the power to control time? shit man this is a new level of hacking