Cheat Codes and Easter Eggs


So recently I’ve been playing through tons of retro games, and have stumbled across something I miss. Many of these old titles have some really fun cheat codes and Easter eggs scattered throughout them that are just so clever.

So I was wondering: are there any plans for putting cheats or Easter eggs into evolve? Let me clarify, I don’t mean anything gameplay effecting, but maybe something cosmetic or visual that is brought about by either an input code or a specific circumstance.

So I made this thread for two reasons - I also want to hear some ideas of what everyone would think a cool cheat code or Easter egg would be. I’ll start:

Cheat codes:
press a series of buttons on the options menu to access cheat menu

“Frosting” - entering this code puts a check box in graphics settings. If checked, while playing as the hunters and you kill the monster, it turns into a giant cupcake instead of it’s usual death animation from only your perspective.

scavenger hunt codes - these would be a series of non-unique codes that TRS could hide around their websites. Players would have to hunt for them online as a meta game. Entering them into the game will unlock a simplistic skin for one character respective to each code.

Easter Eggs
triggered by a particular circumstance that wouldn’t be on accident

Play Maggie, Hyde, Lazaus, and Bucket on the Dam against the Kraken. If the whole team waits 5 seconds in the river, they will see a squid creature swim past them in the water before diving down again.

Play Griffin, Markov, Val, and Hank on the Fusion Plant against Goliath. If the whole team enters a particular cave and waits 5 seconds, Scorpid will burrow up from a hole to peek out for a moment before returning underground.

Play as Goliath on Fusion Plant and climb to the highest point. Look into the distance to see the silhouette of Godzilla lumbering in the distance.

Play as the Kraken and sneak through an area with water. After a while if you do not leave the water, you will hear a voice whisper “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” from an undisclosed location.

So what kind of Easter eggs or cheats do you think would be cool?

Ideas for "Cheats" and Easter Eggs

Or how about as kraken you hide staying stationary for 60 seconds then jump put and attack any creature and Zeus bellows out “release the kraken” bit of an obvious one but it would be awesome none the less


On one of the maps there should be a hidden jukebox high up somewhere or just barely visible in an out of reach area and when shot at, Lissie’s version of “Mother” starts to play! :stuck_out_tongue:



I like the idea of subtle easter eggs. Jukeboxes, references to older TRS games (the gnawed corpses of L4D characters?) and collectable items would be fantastic especially if there was a single player version of the game so you could find them without hassling the team. I don’t know how people feel about Halo’s skull system, but those were how I like my easter eggs. ^^


Little references would be cool.
Maybe at the top of a tall building have a reference to Kong, or Godzilla?


One of the locations should definitely be called Skull Island, or at least a character with the name and backstory of one of their characters. ^^


I do adore the idea of cthulhu references. Maybe if you look down in a map with deep and large bodies of water, you can see the city of R’lyeh down there.


I’d love to see a reference to Bill’s sacrifice. Perhaps a ‘soldier/marine’ with a last stand area (Blood, spent ammo, empty Molotov) and the corpse of a larger indigenous life form or even a small scale Goliath/Kraken/??? monster. Perhaps off the beaten path or inside a building of sorts.


What’s bills sacrifice?


They should do alot of l4d shout outs


Bill’s sacrifice was an ending/event/new mission for Left for Dead. (Spoilers)

In this mission one of the party needs to stay behind to crank a generator in order to allow the others to escape. This tended to result in that character being overrun by baddies and dying. Canon wise, it was Bill who made the ultimate sacrifice and died saving the rest of the team allowing Joey, Francis, and Louis to live on.

Official Trailer for that content.

Unofficial video that does a good job portraying what happens more or less.


Oh ok cool sorry I have a olaystation so have never played left for dead would have prolly loved it though


No worries. It was definitely a blast to play with my friends/family.


Make love, not war cheat? Goliath’s fire breath sprays pink flames of love.