Cheaper Hunters


I think it would be beneficial towards your overall public view if you cheapened the price of the hunters. I understand a monster being $15 but 4 hunters shouldnt cost $30. At least make it possible to buy two hunters for 10-12. I understand thats why their is a season pass but its unreasonable to buy the season pass considering all the bugs fixes and patches that are needed.


There might be another sale at one point, or another. But I doubt prices will be reduced anytime soon.


Actually I’ve never considered this before because I preordered the PC Monster Race (I’ve loved this game ever since I played the alpha, so it was a justified purchase for me), and I generally laugh at people who complain about Evolve’s “poor business model”, but when you point out that the behemoth is 15 and the hunters are 30, it makes me wonder if the hunters should be 15 total as well. I know the hunters probably take a lot more effort, but it just kind of makes sense to have each “half” of the game cost the same amount per “tier”.


You can pay half that from various websites.