Chat should have two channels


Teamspeak and Alltalk. As a monster, my interaction with the hunters is very limited during a game. I want to be able to talk to them. Maybe work out our differences. Maybe taunt them with how I’m going to enjoy some intestine spaghetti shortly. Maybe I want to hear about how one of their teammates is in a wheelchair and it would make their day if I just surrendered.

While we are trying to kill each other, at the end of the day we’re just humans competing against each other in a game. Why not let us converse as such?

Edit: I mean this for PC text chat btw

Chat suggestion for monster/hunters

For the same reason you hear flaming and trolling between rounds at times. If people are working together they have enough time between rounds to say what is needed. Friends already use TS/Vent/Mumble etc… There is custom game settings to allow for Monster to communicate with Hunters. However, 100% against having this in regular pug games. The amount of vitriol that would be spewn would drown people.


No. there is not enough time between rounds to chat. You will get constantly interrupted by loading screens. There is NO reason that there is no allchat implemented.
Saying that all chat just gets abused for insulting is basically just insulting people.


The Devs and many people that pug would disagree. People already complain about name calling between rounds as it is, having all talk during all games isn’t needed and would only cause more problems then solve.


Well what about having an allchat disable option, just like muting in between rounds?


That could work.


There was a hunter being an obnoxious asshole in a match I played, and yet we still have a hunters-only channel. “People will be dicks” is rarely a good reason to avoid a feature. “People will predominantly use this feature to be dicks” is perhaps stronger, but I don’t buy it in this case.

On the TF2 servers I admin we have a vote all-talk function, and when it’s on it’s pretty much all friendly/competitive banter and trash talking.

People being assholes is why there is a mute feature - not a reason to avoid communication altogether.

EDIT: In all honesty though I question the value of all-talk in this game. Even a taunting “I seeee you” would be enough to ruin the surprise and let the monster get out of the dome. Being able to communicate with and thus taunt the other PLAYER leads to potential head games that IMO are less than ideal. In custom games I’ve played I’ve seen the monster make bad choices just to answer some taunts being thrown around in TS - doesn’t seem like a great scene for pub games.


Well, with the current chat implementation there is basically no other use for it than insult people. Thats right, conversations is not possible as it displays messages for 5 seconds and interrupts a talk after 1-2 minutes.
I made various suggestions over the past to improve this useless function. Yet the Devs and various people on pug will disagree… and see where the game stands… yep, on a mediocre spot in the history of gaming due to bad decisions in design and marketing.

In addition my fellow random Hunters can insult me all they like and i can not mute them. Your argumentation is kind of not valid in my oppinion.

Fix it.


Hence why I agreed to have a mute function attached to it.


Read that after i wrote my article. So we can finaly agree that it would be usefull and there is basically no reason not to include it except that it costs money which no producer wants to invest?


I dunno. Still on the fence with it. The Mute option might make it work, but in the end what would be the purpose for cross team chatting. If you are practicing you can use custom games. If you are trying to train people you should be in custom games. If you happen across cool people in the same lobby and want to chat then I can understand, and if the ability to friend recent players was working, then this wouldn’t be needed as you can join them again down the line.

I see the benefits, but I also see reasoning for not putting it in as it gives people the ability to troll/play loud music/insult etc… While I’m not saying all games would be like this, it is something to think about. I’m not really for it, nor against it, as it’s hard to tell what the end result would be. People take things and twist them into unintended issues. Look at Wraith. She was supposed to be a hit and run monster and lots of low level players just use her abilities to run and hide the entire game. Not intended.


Look at every Multiplayer game ever, every single one of them degenerated to a hood of ghettoblasting trolls, who only invented language to insult the people across the street? No.

And Evolves comes along saying it wants to promote communication, while not allowing communication. So only certain forms of communication are good and others are bad?


But again, what does cross team chatter help with that isn’t done through custom games? The purpose of a team oriented game is to communicate and work together as a team. They already have this in place with in game talking as well as typing. Being dependent on the Monster player to talk to you doesn’t have a function against random opponents.


Maybe i want to say “eat me” or that i am stuck or commend him on a good play. Maybe i want to befriend him/her, see if he has a team or not. The possibilites are endless, yet saying it should not be allowed by default is pure ignorance.


And again, I said that with a mute option it might have possibility. Right now the only reason I’m even remotely for it is because you can’t friend/add someone you just recently played with. If that were implemented there would be no reason for this as you can just send them a message post game.


Well i guess we reached as far as a consensus as it can gets. Everything else is up to the Devs.


Its pretty quiet and lonely playing the monster, would it be possible to make it optional to communicate with the teams?
For example I play on the PS4 so the L3 button doesnt do anything could you make it so if I press L3 I can talk to the hunters durring the game and vice versa? And when I turn the open mic on a symbol in the top right of the screen like a green mic appears letting me know that when I talk they can hear me and same for them?

I just hate missing so much fun pvp banter or trash talk or godzilla quotes i think it would make the game a bit more entertaining especially if you get stuck as the monster constantly which from what i read on here happens a lot.

Yeah I know groups could decide to cheat to max there stats but they could always set up a custom game and grind up there stars that way too so I dunno :frowning: Pipe dream I know I know


Thanks for moving this sorry I didnt look before I posted.

And muting people in this game is REALLY easy so I mean if someone is being terrible it shouldnt be hard to go to player options Mute specific player and be done.


I see that as an option for custom matches.

100% not to be implemented in pug. Even if you list noble reasons, it would be impractical/useless/easily exploitable, one or more of the three. Here’s why it cannot be:

  1. They make a different MM -> Userbase is fragmented.

  2. People choose that as an option, in the main menu or right before the match. When 5/5 people with that option enabled will be in the same lobby, all chat is activated -> not practical, and it’ll only work when all of the 5 people tick the option. And what if someone quits and a new player enters the match? He is already entering a started match, shouldn’t he be entitled to choose, upon such an important aspect? Is he indeed entitled to choose, so the other 4 players get their choice negated during the match?

  3. the monster can talk to the hunters at his will during the game -> the monster can distract the hunters, for ex. making intense noises during a difficult chase, they will not have him muted if he was silent in the beginning, and they’ll have difficulties in communicating, and/or they’ll have to pause the game to mute him. Just imagine for a moment a monster playing a Justin Bieber’s song loud during a fight. Even if he’s not preventing team chat, he can be annoying or simply distract players. “He’s going left (north)”, “I’m stuck in a plant” “Shit tyrant tyrant tyrant” shout by the monster at random times. That would be actually hilarious if someone would fail for it. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be immersive.

  4. monster can hear the hunters at his will -> c’mon, I don’t think I have to really explain this one x’D

  5. hunters can talk to the monster at their will during the game -> poor monster gets harassed at will, he would have to manually mute all the hunters before the match to manually opt-out from the “feature”. “Grow some balls you sneaky sonofabia@@@@@h stop hiding your fu[{|~£ fat ass and fight like a man” in loop, more than eventually. The monster’s mother would be the overall trending topic, and to summarize, even if he’s got no team chat going on to be interrupted, he could be distracted as the hunters in point 3. Last but not least, hunters giving hints to the monster before ragequitting, or worse trolling the squad giving away their position all the time.

  6. hunters can hear the monster at their will during the match -> why the heck should someone talk to himself? ^^

Anyway, I do not remember of many competitive multiplayer games that allowed all chat as a standard feature.

A cool way to do this? Let the monster speak FROM THE MONSTER’S MOUTH. xD He does get a bass heavy EQ, and you can hear him talking in standard surround game sound, as an FX, and not in the chat channel. At least, he wouldn’t be able to interfere with your team chat, and you would be able to locate him easier xD Too bad it would be inconsistent, and not immersive. :wink: but hey, it could be the coolest option for custom games!


  1. the monster’s clearly a 9yrs old. The monster mauls your ass, while taunting you with his squeaking voice -> I know that feel bro moment.


I probably should have specified that I meant for typing. It’s the whole “alltalk” thing, wasn’t it? Man, I’m bad at this. I thought it would be obvious that this just couldn’t/shouldn’t work for voice. Didn’t cross my mind. Anyways, yeah. Want to be able to type things to the humans like you could in l4d. Though having voice chat ability between everyone as soon as the round ends wouldn’t hurt either. I find it confusing to know when we can/can’t communicate with each other.