Charles Darwin and Hunters (Natural Selection)


Does natural selection effect the hunters since they are born on other planets, rather than Earth? Are they taller, smaller, different skin? They have to survive somehow and since natural selection effects all organisms, even bugs and human, just wondering if it does effect the hunters, and maybe monster?


Of course.
People born in places like Africa, or Southern Asia tend to have darker skin so they can be in the sun for longer periods of time and not be exposed to too much ultraviolet rays. (Not trying to be racist…in case someone is offended…also I am biracial so I have dark skin…please don’t flag ;-; )
So people who live on different planets would most likely have different traits. Marcov is from Mars…since Mars doesn’t have much water his colony must rely on water tanks. So it’s possible they need less water than other humans.
This natural selection also depends on the colony. The Pan African Union were the first to colonize a different world I think…so you can probably see where I’m going with this…they would develop traits based on the climate and other factors of the planet they inhabit along with any traits they already have. But then again, humans tend not to be affected by natural selection as often due to our ability to manipulate situations and help others in need.


It should still affect them, if just on a reduced scale due to technology accounting for a lot of the individual differences between the humans, and from what little we know of the evolve universe I don’t think that there would be any artificial selection on a large scale

I don’t think it’s been far enough into the future to see any big changes to the physiology of humans due to natural selection though, you might see some small stuff, like a larger/smaller average height, but I doubt they have anything cool like two hearts, or no blind spot.

It is interesting to think about how they might change though, or what changes they would have, like smaller wisdom teeth

People on mars might have to preserve water more, like Venom said, so people who can work more optimally without water, or who need less water in general have a small advantage and are more likely to pass on these genes. And depending on how the mars colony is set up they may be exposed to more/less uv radiation, so there may be an advantage in having lighter or darker skin, but in the future I would reckon they have better treatments/detection/protection for skin cancer, and artificial ways to give people vitamin d, so I don’t think this would be a problem for Martians (who would live on what I assume is a major colony, due to it’s proximity to earth, and the fact that it was probably the first colony)

There would also be factors involving space travel and colonisation. For example, people who need to eat less would save resources, which could be limited on the initial trip to a planet, and lighter/smaller people would also need less fuel to be transported, and take up less room, so there may be a reversal of the current trend towards being taller, and being short becomes the desirable trait. So if we ever met the hunters IRL we could potentially tower over them


Natural selection would naturally (heh) affect the humans. It affects all living species as long as they remain in a natural habitat. The monsters, on the other hand, seem to mostly be immune to the laws of nature in terms of evolution. I doubt the same rules would apply to them.




Parnell is eight feet tall. He was born on a high gravity planet. Anyone born on a high gravity planet is naturally taller than those who aren’t.

Another example of this is quoted directly from Cabot’s story, where a man from Tau Ceti IX makes a brief appearance.


Natural selection doesn’t really apply to the human race as it stands right now, so I’m not sure that it’d necessarily apply to humans that colonise other planets. I think there are physiological changes that would take place, but this isn’t evolutionary. Evolutionary changes take place over vast period of time, so in that sense in Evolve’s universe the humans haven’t been out and about for long enough for any evolutionary changes to come about.


Natural Selection is the process that allows a race or species to evolve and adapt to its surroundings over multiple, potentially thousands, of generations until it is adapted to be perfectly suited to its environment. Being that Humans have technology and ways to overcome their weaknesses without this process, it’s likely that Humans haven’t evolved past what we’ll naturally do in order to live in space. If anything, they’d only have developed a resistance to radiation for the sole purpose that exposure to space can sterilize and eventually kill someone, even inside of a ship.