Charged Stasis Gun needs feedback on hit


As it stands, the stasis “projectile” visual indicator isn’t very clear, so when refreshing the stasis it’s hard to tell whether or not you hit anything. I’m thinking some sound effect similar to Val’s Tranq Gun, or maybe just a visual cue for when you refresh it.

Not only would this avoid those frustrating moments where you think you’ve refreshed the stasis but then it just falls off and you have to swap back to reapply it, but it would make the gun a bit more satisfying to use. Right now it’s very rewarding to land a shot because it takes some skill, especially at long range, but some sound/additional visual effect would make it that much more awesome.

Not sure which TR staff to tag in this post so go ahead and help me out if you feel like it :slight_smile:


eh its pretty darn clear to me. And i wouldn’t tag any of the staff. They read the all foums feedback and bug sections (and others but prob not all)


Theres a little red circle in the center of the crosshairs that pops up when you hit


Yeah, he said it wasn’t clear enough for him. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohhhh I thought he meant that the projectile didnt have a sort of “reaction” to hitting. My bad :grimacing:


No worries. :stuck_out_tongue:

He just wants something more noticeable. Some people start having tunnel vision in fights, and need clearer indications.

I had the same issue in Heroic/Mythic raiding in WoW. But then again, you have to play attention to 100 or more spells, the bosses health, cooldowns, abilities, and I had so many keybinds, it got crazy.


It’d be cool if it had a sort of effect where the rings would pulse if you landed another shot, sort of a renewing energy type thing


Hmm… Got something I want answered.




I want HUD modifications, and the ability to change what notifications we see.


Thatd be nice, I feel cluttered by stuff sometimes.


I want to be cluttered even more, I prefer communication.

That’s what I’m talking about. Decided to make a post about it.


Need a visual difference between a charged and a regular shot, but that’s all really.


I want an indicator for Slims sporegun. It`s difficult to see if the monster is in or not.


I like your ideas, but id like to remove the “Birds Alerted!” Tooltip, ive learned to follow the the bird silhoulletes and the big red blob in my screen just irks me. Tips annoy me, like cmon, ive been playing how long, I know that I hold E to eat >_>.
Now if only I could have an indicator as to when the monster is hiding in a bush, ive wandered by far too many :sweat_smile:


Take it to the thread bud. ^.^

This one’s about Stasis Guns. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sry thought it`s for the indicators :blush:


Oh, no worries. I wasn’t talking to you. :stuck_out_tongue:
Was talking to Quirkly. ^.^


Its best to check the monsters actions as this is one of those skills that requires a bit of monster knowledge. If you notice a monsters head swinging in the middle of a fight hes in it, I find that sometimes Goliaths huge muscles get in the way of the hunter i was trying to focus down, so without that health bar I need to look left and right to make sure hes still in reach.
A bit tricky but you learn. Also the orange floaties are pretty noticeable, so as long as he looks like hes inside, hes probably in :stuck_out_tongue: