Charge doing more damage then supposed to


I charged a half health parnell who was in the air with a level 1 Charge as goliath and insta-downed him.

I honestly doubt its supposed to do that much damage really. I was running CDR and had no buff at the time.


Is it possible he popped SS?


or whacked by a mammoth bird or other wild life.


Heheh, I love charging people into Mammoths ;p


If he was above you it’s also possible he may have gotten the damage registered multiple times for horizontal and vertical damage. Not sure if that’s a thing just a thought.


Not a thing, I’ve charge many a hunter and of all abilities, it (imo) should hit more than once when you keep charging them but it doesn’t.
Fall animation=Invulerabilty


As far as I saw he didint use super soldier though I cant really rule it out.

There was no wildlife anywhere around him so im sure it was much charge that downed him.


I don’t use charge enough so I don’t really know.


Its my 3rd favorite skill.
Leapsmash has just been so damn buggy >_>


I go Stage 1 three into rock Stage 2 three in fire and Stage 3 three into leap smash. It’s barely necessary for Stage 3 though.


I used to do that.
Then Leap Smash started being a buggy lil shit