Characters you love, but just cannot for the life of you, play


Does anyone have this issue? Like no matter how hard you try, there’s this character you love to play but you just butcher them ingame?
For me, Slim and Laz are huge problems. I love them, their playstyle, but I just cannot, no matter what I do, master it, I most of the time end up ruining the game.
Same goes for Griffin, I’ve been trying him recently when I play trapper, but I just… I dunno, I can’t do it. ;_;


And monster.

Can’t play monster, won’t play monster. Played about 5 online games, only have goliath…


I wish I could play:

  • Any monster
  • Val
  • Lazarus
  • Parnell

But, I can’t. It is quite frustrating at times.


Oh yeah, Val is one that I really wanna be able to play too, I dunno how I missed that. ;_;


I feel like I am doing good with Val, right up until I get focused and die without any say in the matter. Then I feel useless.


Behemoth for thenlove of God he’s so bugged. I’ve gotten a better grip of his playstyle and they just had to change the jetpack system which broke all the CC abilities for the monsterS.

Parnell, I feel he’s too much of a hit and miSS.

Crow, his stasis just feel they don’t give me as much control as the other trappers. His spammy bird and sniper is good though.

I ccan play everyone else well I guess.


Val is only as good as how her team plays.


Wraith, Goliath and laz…I suck at all if these but I love them, why don’t they love me back


I suppose so. But there is always something you can improve on, and I believe I have too much to improve on my Val play. I could have better positioning for one thing, which seems to be very important on Val.


How her team positions is more important I believe, being in a good spot as Val won’t mean shit if everyone gets aoe and bunches up together.


torvald, parnell, slim


Monster. Servers tend to fill themselves with coffee at the idea of me making Monster my #1 priority.


Slim. Because I never really got into it. He’s pretty damn heavy on positioning.


Bucket - I find him so fun to play but in the end even I have to admit he’s really lacking in the role a Support is supposed to fill.

Torvald - I’m apparently too big a noob to properly lead a target with Mortars.

Lazarus - This one isn’t my fault, just like Bucket. His playstyle is a load of fun but I can understand my team’s frustration because Lazarus, even at his best, has many obvious counters to his even more obvious playstyle. Any half decent Monster can outplay Lazarus. It takes a good Monster less than 10 seconds to completely nullify Lazarus’ advantage and effectively make it a 1vs3.

Val - Once the Monster decides to focus me without a Hank in the team, I’m practically dead already.

  • Kraken (Bad acc, can’t get used to running from hunters as a tug boat)
  • Goliath (Just bad with combat in general, even against bots I lose half health sadly)
  • Markov (Unless I can learn to utilize his mines, its just not complete)
  • Parnell (My launcher accuracy just isn’t up to par)
  • Crow (Monster always escapes my Gobi Gaze, but other Gobies usually find me D: )


Why can’t I Karken :cry:


Because you know you’ll make me have teh sads :c

  • Lazarus. I’m not good at keeping myself far enough away from the monster.
  • Slim. His play style confuses me greatly.
  • Griffin. I just suck at landing that Harpoon.


Are you a clone of me?


Probably not. 80% of the time I play monster. :wink:


That… is true…
You’re a better version of me!


Ha! Why yes, of course. :wink:

… then again, I’m not the one topping the leaderboards. :wink: