Characters needing buffs/nerfing



This is for characters Who really need buffing and nerfing and one character I will say that differently need a huge buff is slim he leech gun need to have a shooting faster mechanic big time the damage is good the healing drone needs to be able to heal a little bit faster and the spore gun tch its really pathetic now it need a duration not freaking barrier sphere crap it makes him terrible but yet I still play him and the heals its crap the self heal needs to be like 290 the other heals needs to be like 312 then the incap heals need to 335 big time slim needs a major buff they shouldn’t have nerf him from the beginning because now anyone rarely uses him its sad now so please understand what I’m trying to get at here.


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slim is actually in a good place right now. the only thing that has been debated is his self-substain (self heal). his team heals are quite good. with the leech gun you can healburst about every 3.5-4 secs with the current (and future) fire rate it has. the heal drone is perfectly fine as when combined with your healbursts, rival’s Val and Caira’s healing on that teammate.

the sphere thing (and duration to an extent) are because it became extremely difficult for a large portion of players to counter because of variation in eye sight or even the inclusion of colorblindness.

if 7 secs isnt enough for the spore cloud for you, then you need to fire a new one spore cloud.

as for you’re suggested “heal values” you might as well make the team invincible as those values are too high considering the healbursts are ever 3-4secs.

as for nerfs only 3 have been done.

less damage on leechgun
smaller spore cloud radius
spore cloud duration

as mentioned, the spore cloud being a new mechanic caused problems and has pretty much hit a “sweet spot” right now and Slim simply did too much damage for a medic.

other than that, ALL SLIM HAS GOTTEN was healing buffs


I understand that but like now no one uses him anymore :confused: they could at least increase heals and the spore anyone can jump out of the sphere and can see where the Hunters are which is ridiculous:/


Val is currently a popular competitive pick because she offers a lot of utility, while Laz is simply Laz. Emet is new. so Caira and Slim are both unappreciated right now but that doesn’t mean they dont get picked. I myself enjoy playing Slim a lot, however, some of my friends have issues with the spores, therefore i avoid playing him because it would become unfun for them.

the self healing is the only thing needing an increase and not even by much. it’d probably be fine if it also was 231 like the rest of the team heal.

You can also see the hunters inside the spore cloud too. the spore cloud affects some people mildly, some not at all (like myself) and some to an extent that players will simply stop playing because of him. So because of this large variation of who it can affect and how, the spore cloud has been reduced and changed to its current version. since then, the complaints about it have been near to none.

also, behemoth can’t jump out of the sphere. he rolls.

If you enjoy playing slim, then play him, dont worry about how often other people use him. it doesn’t affect you. also, the spore cloud making the monster jump out of it. that can be a good thing. it means you just forced the monster to move and stop focusing your teammate with 1 shot. if he didnt move, then he will simply retain some issues figuring out who is who.

Use you’re own weakness to your advantage


Okay I see that’s good In away I really believe the heals does need a increase


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you’re not the only one. majority of the forums think that his self heal needs a tiny boost.

but yea, when you think a character needs a buff, or a nerf. there’s A LOT more to it than most think and it can take a while to see why or understand.

As for your first post about the topic, you might want to make it sound less like a rant because it feels like one and the Mods will usually close threads if they feel like they’re too rant-like. just a tip for the future

also, some people on the forums can be…argumentative. so if a discussion is becoming “aggressive” it helps to be the first one to step away for a bit


It’s not only one person im curious on other peoples thoughts of other characters it’s mainly for people to feel free for what they want to share on their thoughts


Anyone that says Slim needs a buff is insane his healing is ridiculous when it’s a Slim player that knows what they’re doing.


Slim: new changes in upcoming update, so we’ll see how he is. He’s not that great at staying alive.

Bucket: capacity nerf was necessary, but his 3 remaining turrets need to be equal to the previous 5 turrets.

Caira: I think her napalm grenades need a little more umph and her healing grenade should get a proximity burst like bucket’s missiles so we can hit hunters in the air a little easier. Idk about the radius nerf and capacity nerf…if those need to be changed at all, but I still enjoy playing her.

Parnell: give his shotgun a little more range for monsters like Kraken, Gorgon, and Wraith.

My opinion, don’t get mad :stuck_out_tongue:


Slim just needs a buff to self sustain. He’s too easy to incap.


Slim is okay, i guess. His Spore Cloud Launcher could be a little better imo shrugs. I never truly fell in love with Slim, he really was just another medic to me…

Buuuuut, thats not to say I dislike the bug man.


the damage 5 turrets do is ridiculous. even with 3 turrets Bucket still rivals Cabot in damage (since they’re the bigger damage supports). where as 5 turrets was assault level.

if anything, equal to 4 turrets at the most.


Now who would that be?

Or not even be in the discussion, I’ve been doing this the last week and have been happier. Some people are just assholes, don’t let their assy nature rub off on you @EliteHunter0853.


I like all of your opinion guys keep it up ^.^ I am curious what do you guys think of emet and wasteland mag sgt tech hank? And any opinions on monsters too so feel free to say what you think and please keep this a friendly topic no rude/mean stuff and thank you.



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Really I know some guys that I play with on the ps4 and I ask them the same stuff and I mainly get that sgt tech hank and waste mag need like a bit fix but I don’t think so they seem (balanced) which this game wont ever be balance unless they put everything back to the way it use to be of course making a game balance is impossible. And yes I know have said about Nerf or buffing but It is true.


Thanks for the tip @Azmi_Anuar


To be fair, considering the damage was largely everything that Bucket brought to a team it was 100% justified.