Characters falling through the map + 1 more bug



This bug doesn’t occur very often, but it has happened a few times, so i thought i should mention it.
Basically, if a caracter is hit/slammed to the ground or against a wall, either by a monster, or by wildlife, then it can get pushed to the other side of the 3D model, and then it just falls, until you leave the game area and die.

Once it happened when wraith got slammed against a wall buy a wildlife (“armadon” perhaps).
The second time i was playing as a hunter, and behemoth killed me, and slammed my dead body through ground, so noone could revive me( Lenox ).

Wraith falling through the map

The second bug happens when behemoth uses his tongue to pull in wildlife for eating.
He pulls in the animal, and starts to eat it, but then, the animal will jump/teleport into another location somewhere between its starting position and goliaths position. This happens very often. Usually i just wait 2-3 seconds until the animation is done, and check where the corpse will teleport to, before i start to eat.

Same happens to wraith, when he uses abduct to pull in his prey( but less often )


Yes I can confirm, in this patch the bodies are falling through the ground like crazy (PC) .

In 4 out of 10 games I faced this bug yesterday, interesting that it happened only when I was Laz