Characters are locked or unlocked?



I played for free during the free weekend. So many bugs… :rage: but I loved it :heart_eyes:

Evolve’s bugs :rage: + Evolve :heart_eyes: = love/hate relationship.

During the weekend all characters were unlocked. Tuesday I saw changes. Only the 1st character of each class was unlocked, the others I had to unlock by playing. I found that normal, I’ve read before it was normally like that.

After that, I saw almost all characters unlocked all of the sudden, idk how. For example, Hank, Bucket and Cabot were unlocked. Only the paid ones were locked. How did that happen? I didn’t unlock them. :confused:

Now I just noticed, sometimes all of the free ones are unlocked, other times I see only the 1st one unlocked and all the other 5 or 6 characters of each class are locked again.

Is this a bug? Thanks if anyone can help me.

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I too have been having this problem lately, I am on PC and purchased the PC Monster Race Edition and find myself capable of playing all the characters one game and only the basic characters another game. Sometimes this persists for hours and I have attempted troubleshooting it but it seems at random. I believe it has to do with a connection problem with the store servers. People I read experiencing this problem agree with me that you can play games as expected but when trying to select DLC content it appears as if its not purchased and when attempting to open the in game store you just cant. So for some reason our accounts aren’t registering with the store server to show we have made purchases. Please help because I have spent a good amount of money on this game and get frustrated when I can’t always utilize the content I paid for.

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