Characters and their Roles


So how does everyone feel about each character and their role? Like think of them without their 4 ability and ignoring up to 1 other ability, do they still seem like they fit the role chosen for them? For me, 3 characters in particular kinda stand out to me as “not really”. These characters are Val, Abe, and Bucket.

I’ll start with Val. The medigun is the only ability of hers that is designed for being a medic and it’s a beam, which 2/3 of beam wielders…are supports. Her sniper rifle amplifies the team’s damage, not unlike Cabot and his beam, except you need to aim your shots(and she can continue to do things). The tranq gun seems to be similar to a trapper style ability granting vision of the monster through walls and slowing it up. Honestly, she’d probably be a better support than a medic. Lower the capacity of the medi-gun so it’s like Hank’s shield in terms of throughput and allow her to deal straight health damage with her sniper if she shoots her own spots and we’d have a pretty strong support character.

Abe is next on my list. He has no real way of stopping the monster other than the dome. He has the ability to track(which support/medic/trapper all have characters that do this, all 3 of which are on my list :D) the monster, but that’s about all he shares with the other trappers. The slow grenades could just as easily be a support ability as it is a trapper ability, hell it could even be assault with their area denials(though that would make hyde lovers cry in outrage over how abe’s nade’s don’t slow the team…by the way…abe’s nades don’t slow the team trs >=O). Finally we have his shotgun, the supposedly highest damage throughput weapon of all the trappers. Honestly he sounds like a mix between Support and Assault rather than Trapper, but since he’s not wielding 2 weapons, it sounds more like Support than Assault.

Now it sounds like I’m trying to move every character into the Support role…but I have a support character on my list too, Bucket. Bucket’s ability set seems to be somewhere between Trapper and Assault. His UAV makes him almost seem like he should be the Trapper, if it didn’t force his body to stand still or let him throw the dome with his UAV, he’d be one of the better Trappers too I’d imagine. His turrets act as a powerful form of area denial, a skill type notably in the playstyle of Support, Trapper, and Assault, but being damage oriented, more in the area of Support/Assault, but since it’s also in deployable form, more along the lines of Assault. Finally you have the homing rocket launcher which could easily be used by either Assault or Support. From that tally, he sounds more like a weak Assault than a Support. He literally gives his team no support in any area other than tracking and a minor amount of area denial that’s not really…feedback friendly? is what I’m going with. Just a high pitched whine. Honestly I could see him in either Trapper or Assault roles depending on how his abilities are tweaked.

Now I’m not saying they should be changed to these roles, but if they aren’t…they should probably have their abilities given a second glance to reaffirm that they are the roles that they were given.

Anyone agree with me on these? Think there are others not really fitting their roles? Or do you think every character is perfectly fitting to their role?


I’ll give my input on some Hunters pick rates based on MacMan’s telemetry based on the lowest percentages:

Val - She’s currently the lowest picked Medic in the game. She’s not bad in any way, her kit overall is useful but I’ll highlight her flaws which are causing her lower pick rates.

She’s somewhat heavily reliant on Hank for protection if she gets focused, if Val is focused she’s pretty much dead unlike Laz with his Cloak or Caira with her Speed boost and sustain with her healing grenades. This makes Val a liability I guess which people don’t like. Also her Medgun heals on the slow side, which is why Caira is a favorite since her healing is stronger and has an aoe effect:

I suggest boosting the healing rate of the Medgun from 5%HP/sec to 6%HP/sec as a small tweak.

Maggie - Compared to the Alpha, Daisy is more reliable so her usefulness is at least at acceptable levels and provides a fallback for teams who lost the Monster. I think the reason for her low pick rate is her Harpoon Mines. They’re not bad, they’re not that great against Kraken unless you can fish him into the mines and they depend on how well the fighting space is in the Arena, wheras Abe and Griffin can provide CC at will with more consistent results across all Monsters which is why they’re picked more

I’d like to see Harpoon Mines be deployed on the side of walls like how Stasis Grenades stick to walls for optimization against Kraken, I’m not sure how this would affect balance but I think it’s worth trying.

Bucket - He’s in a better place with his damage buffs, but his Missile Launcher reload speed is way, WAY too slow for the capacity of 4 rounds. Sentry Guns damage is perfect, my only beef with them is their effective range is a bit on the short end for turrets that shoot bullets, maybe increase it by 5m more?


Val is a healer. The healer’s job is to keep the team up and running as best as possible. I argue that her Tranq gun is also half the equation in addition to her healgun.

Trappers jobs are to contain the monster (Dome) and control it’s movement in combat. Poon turrets, Poon Gun and Stasis Grenade all fulfill these roles albeit separately.

Totally agree ith Bucket. He doesn’t feel like a support. He is a ‘selfish’ support in that ‘bringing slightly more damage’ does not make for a great support imo. Reskin him as an Assault please :slight_smile:


And I could argue that Hank is also a healer in a rather abstract way so why isn’t he a medic too? That’s the thing I’m getting at, the whole toolkit needs to revolve around their role, not just 1.5 of the 3.


But it works great this way. You can have val to help mitagate, or Laz + hank. Laz can’t mitagte, but Hank can so there will and should be some overlap. Hank supports the team by helping mitigate damage. Cabot supports by adding more damage. Overlaps help design good team combos :slight_smile: