Characters' ages?


Now, I’m not opening this topic for people to interpret a character’s age, I’m just saying that it would be nice if TRS adds ages to all the characters.

What made me think about that is some characters mention things happened when they were younger, such as Sunny was 14, Val was 9, and Jack asking how old is Caira (and SADLY didn’t answer).


Sunny is 19 and Jack is 16? That’s all I know.

@Matthew ?


They are all clones and repurposed when needed


I have thusfar avoided giving precise ages. In my experience, it focused people on the wrong thing.

When I say “Jack is a teenager” then when he talks and behaves the way he does, people get it.

If I said “Jack is 15,” then I divide the audience. Some people think “that makes sense,” and some people think “no way does a 15 year old talk like that.” Nothing about the character has changed, but now that there’s a number attached to it, suddenly people reject it.

Same with Sunny. I think of her as “Not yet 20.” Or “very late teens.” If I gave a specific age, people would argue about her.

I thought I knew how old Slim was, but many people hearing his voice concluded he was much younger than I thought (and much younger than the actor voicing him!) The actor is doing his level best to just be a regular guy, not a Heroic character, but for whatever reason, people concluded he was much younger.

But that’s fine with me! If I gave a precise age, then suddenly his performance would sound “off.” NOTHING HAS CHANGED except I gave a number, and now some people don’t like it.

So I don’t give a number. I have vague categories.

Don’t mistake my meaning" I don’t know their precise ages. I’m not concealing something known, I have deliberately avoided pinning down numbers.


What would Emet be in?



You spelled Hyde wrong


He doesn’t care about age as he was not programmed to have a counter for how many years he’s been activated.
I think.


You missed the part where spelling is a grade school thing. Might wanna get glasses :wink:

Pff, Hyde can be whatever he wants to be. Hes a mean mutherfucker. Emet is Bae<3 and should be treated with respek since he was in a dump (literally) before Jack fixed him up.

But that doen’t mean he can’t have a model chassis number where you can cross-reference him to when he was built.

@Matthew (Can you also explain how/where/when Emet was created for what reason? I’d die to know.)


15, not 16.


How old is Abe compared to Renegabe


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I thought Renegabe would be older
EDIT: @Matthew am I right…?