Character Variations


Hey Guys.

So we have had a few character variations, some being a completely different role like Renegade Abe and others being a different playstyle like Electro Griff. So I was wondering, although not confirmed someone from TRS said that they were going to make variations of nearly all the characters. With the current event you can unlock Paladin Parnell.
So my real question to you guys then is.
Who would you like to see have a variation? Who is your favorite current variation?

So far I favorite is Electro Griff. I would like to see maybe a Laz variation in the future. Or maybe even a different Hyde


We’re confirmed getting T3 and T2 and I believe the plan is to add T4 adaptations (I vaguely remember this mentioned. Don’t have a source though) but the characters I’d most love to see adaptations of are the T5. Medic and Trapper.
As long as they stay in their own damm class!


Well, T5 is basically confirmed, now that we know Gorgon is getting an adaptation. Which, let me just say, is the one I’m most looking forward to.

In relation to the OP’s question on who our current favorite is, I’d have to say that it’s probably a tie between Quantra and Palnell, simply because I love Medics.


Inb4 it’s a Support


I would cry if that was true. Like, I legitimately think I would start tearing up. That’s soooooooooooo bad.


They should make a variation of Renegade Abe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They’ve said that they may want to make multiple adaptations for characters… it’s honestly not out of the realm of possibility.


Imagine if Renegabe’s variation is a Trapper :joy:


Good idea! And make him a damn Trapper like the original should have been.

Yes, I’m still salty at that.


Aren’t you a Medic main? If so, I’m kind of curious as to how you feel about Paladin Parnell.


Renegabe medic and Rengabe support! Renegabe Monster


No, no, no. No. Renegabe Trapper.


Is Pal Parnell medic? Don’t get me wrong I love medics, I main them but… I just don’t see how the massive rocket launcher on his shoulder is considered “healing”…



Yep. Parnaladin confirmed Medic.


A full Renegabe team and they all talk about war stories
EDIT: Each one could have a different tone of voice


If you don’t mind me asking. Do you have a source?

Pretty cool. I can increase my medic “collection”


It’s on the trello board


It’s on the Trello board, it’s been said by Developers numerous times, and… well, look at him!

That screamsssssss Medic. Also, this is confirmed to be his Heal Burst.


Good lord that looks awesome.

I don’t keep up to date with the trello board so I heard the rumors on the facebook page and some players. But this is awesome… Just weird why they would have two medic variations in the same patch… We got Quantum Caira in this madness thing so I thought they would release another support or something.


I’m excited for the Wraith adaptation personally. Perhaps we will get a Wraith that is actually viable :wink: