Character Unbalancing & Player Base on Evolve


Due to the recent micro patch Monsters have become over powered to the point hunters have to play a perfect match to win again. The damage is insane for monsters with nerfs to hunters. I said the past 4 months TRS has failed us in evolve. Losing 64% of player base having only February & September of 2015 being a positive & high rate of players playing evolve. Chart is on YouTube Link
Overpowered monsters Wraith, Gorgon, Both Krakens & behemoth
Underpowered Hunters Wasteland Maggie, Hank, Slim, caira, tech hank, markov, bucket, Griffin, & Crow.
And due to the ranking system there are more bronze players than silver and golds in all platforms combined, in which need to be fixed.
In behalve of the ps4 community and evolve Turtle rock

needs to fix the game in the next patch with the hunters to balance this game out to bring the orginal Fan base and more new casual gamers


My whole team quit today, I’m putting up the white flag. Over 20 people I know quit today, all of us dedicated. Lost 70 points today LOL

People are upset, but that's okay

Oh my god really…?


Seriously this patch is insanely monster favored


I tried every monster yesterday except for regular Kraken, and the only one I noticed a big difference on was Gorgon. With Behemoth only his rockwall, and Wraith is the same as before imo.

I tried Caira aswell, she used to be my all time favourite medic back in the days, and I didn’t get what they did so you could “save” shots or what it was… But her healing field was amazingly big


And to be completely honest I feel like they did not have to lower the damage on Torvald, I mean seriously it’s so easy to dodge his mortars, and if a monster is body camping it should be punished hard.


And srry guys 4 the Mispronounced Words was Typing angry and Fast on my IPhone 6 :slight_smile: Hope this bring Awareness to TRS

  1. These sort of threads generally aren’t allowed due to the negativity that spawns from them.

  2. Wasteland, Slim, Hank, Markov, Griffin, and Crow certainly were not UP before.

  3. Monster standing heavily weighs on platform as far as I can tell. PC, Monsters are generally UP.


It’s too late to call this change unbalanced. Evolve is a game where you either adapt, or die. Do you really expect to adapt to these changes in one day?


Yes but u cannot buff the monsters again if there already Over powered on Ps4 because Pc Monsters are Under powered. Theres no Balance between the platforms


No good point But the game has been Unbalanced time again Either Monsters Favor or Hunter Favor. Making it hard for New casual players to be gud at any role


I read “Monsters are OP” and just…


It really seems like you guys fell off your high horse and are disgruntled that you’re losing now.


Yup the whole ps4 community fell off our high horses…


I certainly noticed an increased difficulty to win. I mean I know its supposed to be challenging but this… its practically impossible to win without having perfect coordination now and thats almost never since most of the time I, and most people, are playing with randoms.


and found out what balanced monsters look like?

At least, balanced since they insist on no platform specific balancing which they should given the disparity between opinions and viewpoints example, Bob is trash on PC but great on console


I’m glad your playerbase of 100 was catered to, let me take my playerbase of 4000 to a different game.


In honesty, It’s been ONE DAY! ONE! Just give it some time, just any time at all to get used to it.

I get where you are coming from, but all I’m getting are flashbacks of hundreds of posts of monsters complaining about how hunters are OP and they have to play a perfect match to win a single measly game. Still they hung on and kept playing. ONE DAY of changes that swing the game in monster favor (arguable, depending on platform) and now every hunter is coming out of the woodwork to swear off Evolve for good. Salty hunters swearing blood oaths to not touch the game until the game is back where it was with the hunter’s foot placed firmly on the throat of every monster.

Ultimately I know balance is the goal, and no, no platform should be left out in the cold, But could you give it a couple days just to see if you can adjust? Hell This conversation is pretty much moot with TU9 on it’s way. Maybe it’s time for hunter’s to eat crow(glorious pun) after months of hunter favored meta, maybe it is unbalanced, or maybe we can give it more than 24 hours before we start committing Hara-Kiri on TRS’ lawn


Everyone has their opinions which I respect also look at the facts Please. All im going to say is What will TRS do to Balanced the Game & bring back thier community & new players to evolve


Bring back 7.0 hunters, I feel like that was when hunters were at their peak, IMO not sure I may be wrong but that would be interesting to see them against the current state of monsters.