Character Tutorials for Stage 2?


I think one of the coolest things starting up Evolve matches was the quick little tutorials they would show as the match loaded up. Or even the archives at the main menu that would have the basic and advanced tutorials for each character.

I know how all the characters play but with the new players flooding in, I feel like that would be great for them to have a similar experience/accessible resource to learn more about what they are playing, or what they are going up against.


They removed this on purpose as it was taking up way too much space in the game files.

They can now all be found on YouTube.


They were removed and with them 30GB of space. They’re not going to come back. They’re viewable outside the game.

Additionally they’re also extremely outdated so it’s not a good idea.


Jeez had no idea. You don’t think they could do an alternative way of informing the players? Even if it is like a text overview on characters abilities in the menus? I know there is contextual descriptions in game on first time use but that is about it.


I definitely think that there is more and should be more to be done to inform new players of the characters in-game.