Character Statistics from Go4Evolve Cup #7: Find Out What the Pro's Play and How They Do


Hello, I am Korin from STAGE 3. Using some info from my teammate Toniic I came up with the # of picks and win/loss ratio of each character from Go4Evolve Cup #7. Without further ado.

The format for each character will be as follows: Character-Times chosen:Wins/Losses:Win%

Monsters 48:35/13: 73%

Goliath- 14:10/4: 71%

Kraken-32:23/9: 72%

Wraith- 2:2/0: 100%

Hunters 48:13/35: 27%

Val- 3:1/3: 33%

Caira- 45:12/33: 26%

Hank- 31:9/22: 29%

Cabot- 17:4/13: 24%

Maggie- 31:10/21: 32%

Griffin- 17:3/14: 18%

Markov- 40:11/29: 28%

Hyde- 8:2/6: 25%

Comments: This week we see the effects of changing assault pick to
after the monster. While Markov is picked most of the time, when a
monster chooses Goliath the team is more likely to go with Hyde since he
is doing more damage right now, however Hyde can’t really connect
damage on Kraken. Caira is really the only healer with only one team
playing val and them getting eliminated fairly quickly. Its currently a
toss up between hank and Cabot. A lot of teams like the security of
Hank, but the damage from Cabot is very enticing. Griffin struggles
because in a Kraken dominated meta a stage one dome is so important that
most teams are running Maggie.

Also, its kind of sad that the win rates are so skewed towards monster in a game that is aiming for a 50% win/loss ratio.


Sup Korin .At least some teams are brave enough to try out Val, but I think that strategies need to be refined more because the characters that are picked now leave room for error and you want to have the highest chance of winning with the lowest risk involved.


I would love to see some more val. I do think she needs some help before that becomes a reality due to how hard it is to keep her alive. I am glad we are not at 100% Caira.


Val Is not impossible, but your team needs to be robotic for her to work, literally the ultimate early game team is required. But Caira will remain because she works at all stages of the game.


Interesting that Hank is getting picked over Cabot.

From our team practice sessions unless you land a strong Hank orbital then Cabot always seems far more reliable for fights as the assault always hurts because of him.

Thanks for the info mate. This is definately interesting.


Thats because his shield makes your Team invincible until stage 3, not for his damage.


Hank actually needs to be doing a lot of damage. You can measure how good a hank is by how much damage he can squeeze in without missing shields. If hank isn’t doing damage then your team is barely going to be getting through his armor.


And with cabot you can just focus caira and kill her before losing health, then proceed to trapper.

Funny is that only the finals where mostly won by hunter and only tiebreaker was monster win. The rest of the tournamenr was monster favored.


Sure you focus Caira who is slippery, self-heals like a madman and squirms around out of your grasp meanwhile Cabot and the Assault massage your shoulders, dig your grave and prepare to piss on your grave.

In concept its extremely easy to do just that. In reality however a good Caira just dont give a damn and stays on the move constantly. If she somehow cant escape then Cabot runs in with the cloak and gives her more room to fiddle around while the Assault keeps working the monster over.

And all the while this is going on the Trapper is setting up traps, dealing extra damage during the amps, slowing down the monster and denying ground for the monster.

Naturally the tone of the game gets worse as the monster stages up but if the monster gets caught at Stage 1 then he will get punished extremely heavily. And early game punishment translates in to harder Stage 2 and 3 fights for the monster himself.


Yeah well monster seems heavily fanyway either way


seems to me like val had a higher win rate lol. im guessing the losses from val was a quick stomp and that scared anyone else from trying even tho they won 1 time.


Val is impossible. Please go against good Kraken.


No he doesn’t. I’ve seen many Stage 2 Krakens killing Hank/Caira teams.


Stop making assumptions for starters, and as I said she is possible to do well with as long as you have a robotic, early game strat. meaning stage one and two domes beating the monster down to slivers before they can get to stage three.


i have seen lazarus win. whats that for a shitty argument?






Ten Golis…