Character skin problems


hi ya’ll
I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t seem to find this particular problem.
the skins for the monster don’t appear in almost every game and when they do its usually at a low detail. it seems to be a basic shader skin, all white.
it hasn’t stopped me playing, as it’s a fun game, but it would be nice if i could see the monsters! :smile:

as I’m certain you’re all wondering: My specs are as follows
i5 4690k cpu
8GB ram
R9 270 2GB gfx card
i’m fairly sure my PC should be able to run this game fine, and it does for the most part, except for the skin issue :\


I’ve noticed that Goliath has some dermititus and what looks like psoriasis on the back of Hanks neck.

Haven’t noticed any other skin problems.


so… beyond needing some steroid cream for my goliath, what else can I do alleviate my technical skin issues?


I’m on PS4. Can’t help. Soz.


Could you guys check out my post, I have no idea what to do about my skin problem.


Try moisturiser.


Im being serious right now, Lost 5 freaking pre-order skins :frowning:


I don’t know which post you’re asking me to check out.


Nevermind it.


Please stop hijacking my thread. it was bad enough when the PS4 peasant was trolling me.


I did some kind of file check from within steam this morning on the game files (I think the option was in the local files tab in the game properties) and after finding a problem within a file, steam redownloaded it, and now i’m able to play the game with all my lovely skins, so all’s well :smile: