Character Selects and Win % from Go4Evolve Cup#9


Sorry this is a couple days late, there was some… drama with this
weekends tournament. Anyway, the reason the # of games is so low is that
they tried doing Bo3’s instead of Bo5’s.

Here are the numbers from this latest tournament:

This was the first tournament in which tier 4’s were allowed to be
played. While the entire pro scene does think they are strong, we were
not given much warning that they would be allowed this week, so many
teams did not run them from lack of practice. I am excited to see some
teams running Sunny and Torvald next week.


vall 100%

val op


About this. I’m pretty sure there was a tiebreaker-game with a Val in it, in which the hunter team lost?
(I think it was team Averse)


well ive only saw the one vs this stupid selfloving goliath


Surprise of Cabot’s win rate. impressive. Poor Griffin and those damn Krakens.


There easily could have been. As you can see there were 31 games on which I had data about which team won, but only 20 games in which I had data for what comp was being rolled. If more people streamed, i could go and see those other comps, but this is what Toniic was able to track down.