Character Preference Is Stupid!


This is fucking ridiculous! I have my monster preference at number 5, meaning I never want to play as the monster. So why does it put me in a game as the monster 5 times in a row!!! It’s annoying having to leave the game to wait a 1 min ban before I can join another match, only to be the monster again and leave!


Because that’s the match that was open. Had you stayed in any of those matches, it is highly likely that you would not have been monster afterward. Its the way the lobbies work.


getting thrown with premades?


3 of the games were lobbies


Remember if 4 people are in a party and you are alone you will be monster as they cannot. Although if you are alone and so is someone else and you both have monster as same priority it will alternate.


I actually tried one game, and ultimately failed, it then put me as the monster again


I am on a 3 day break from Evolve, due to Match Making preferences. I just can’t get monster again, ruins the gameplay, when you never get to play what you like. Monster preference 5, and got 16 monster games in a row. Turns out, every MM game I entered, was a premade of sorts; forcing me to play the character I didn’t want to play the most. Gets old quick.


I actually got into a game with 2 open slots and was put as the monster. TWICE! WTF?!


Yup. Everyone had priority set to 5, so they handed the shit to you. Happens to me all the time.


Play with a friend, no more Monster. Usually.


None of my friends have this game :cry:


No seriously though feel free (if you have pc) to hit me up (pm and perhaps we can get a game going). :smile: