Character Picks and Character Win Rates from Go4Evolve Cup#8


Hey guys! Korin here from STAGE 3. My teammate Toniic went through all of today’s data and collected who won and with what. I condensed it down farther. So without further ado here is how much everyone was picked and how well they did!

Of note: Hard on You, and Eyes on You were missing today (The top 2 seeds). Also, I was not able to get data from the round of 16 so I had to make due with the 27 games from the Quarters, semi’s, and finals.

Any other hunters sick of the direction this game is going?

I’m surprised people only picked maggie. I would have thought that the people that participate in tournaments can track without relying on Daisy and that they’d prefer to have a good trapper with a harpoon gun.


Like I told a lot of times… T2 are just bad.

Where are the all Bucket mains, Griffin mains, Lazarus mains now?

And also like I told day or two ago: Competetive scene = almost 100% pick (caira, hank, maggie) really funny.


Val is 100% win rate… she’s OP Kappa.


They not using Cabot anymore?

I remembered Cabot used to be the only support people would use in tourneys.


People pick maggie, because:

  • she keeps the monster on the run, no sneaky sneaky.
  • Daisy revives.
  • Harpoon traps are as usefull at S3 as they are at S1 and 2.
  • Maggie can peel for herself through harpoon traps.

people skip griffin because:

  • if you NEED a manhandled harpoon to dome a monster, you’re bad.
  • he litterally becomes a numbed down assault at S3, because unless the monster is goliath, and stupid. the harpoons have very very VERY little effect at S3.
  • monsters can sneaky sneaky very easily.
  • Griffin has no peel for himself, so his a very very easy target @ S3.


The only plus for griffin is that he is funny to play and Maggie not, but that’s a small little tiny plus. :confused:

Btw totally agree with you!


Would be nice to have historical data on this. Should probably include the game version used in the tournaments for reference.

Interesting to see that Goliath was picked more often than Kraken and performed better too. TRS needs to work on balancing the hunters a lot more. Some choices are absolutely abysmal in a competitive scenario.


That would mean a complete rework for a third of the characters and they already said that they wouldn’t. First they are going to finish their contract with 2K, only then will the think about doing the rest. For now all the can do is balance and rebalance.

The main problems lie with the core gameplay of most characters. Because it’s one versus four, the same mechanics apply. This means that some character flaws are more prone to stick out than others. Problem is however, is that these flaws work better in stranger teams. The most balanced setup we see in ESL, same fucking team over and over. Once they fix crusial characters (medic and support mostly) the game will be much more open to various picks. I dare to bet quite some money on the knowledge that half of the ESL players will lose against a Slim, Lazarus, Bucket, Val once they are fixed. Simply because they didn’t train against amazing hunter teams having those hunters in.

Once that happens, the same “theoretics” apply but have less weight because it doesn’t matter that much. For now it can’t because those same characters have some serious core problems that don’t even counter normal strategies, simply because they lack in strength or utility.


I should’ve elaborated more on that point. That’s exactly what I wanted to say.


It’s pretty boring to watch hunters go Caira, Hank, Maggie and Markov.


yo goliath put in work this weekend lol.

I disliked the “gentlemens agreement” to not use tier 4 man. we have been waiting to see how badly it skews the scale of monster vs hunters. we want to know if it dramatically changes the win rates.

this weekend was a perfect weekend to do so because half the teams werent even in the tourney. either bcuz of tier4 or bcuz of the xbox qualifier. so why not experiment this weekend?


We usually pick Griffin 8 out of 10 matches.And Cabot-Hank 50-50.But we weren’t playing this cup(Eyes on U).
You will see more of them next week :slight_smile:


I thought of it as if you need daisy to track you are bad and that Griffins harpoons are much more useful when you have a monster that likes to use leap smash or charge.

I don’t think of needing a harpoon to dome but it does basically guarantee the dome. Goliath is a favourite pick and maggies harpoons aren’t that useful against a kraken so she becomes another assault at that point too.

He’s an easy target because he frustrates the monster so much with his harpoons he might not be able to defend himself that well but he protects the medic and support a lot better than maggie does.


Maggies harpoon traps are the single most useful tool any trapper has against kraken in its current state.

without poon traps, kraken can move unhindered, and not care who it hits, and when it comes down to the ground.
90% of kraken players atm are playing melee-kraken. wich is either vortex aftershock, or vortex banshee mines. or even both. these krakens stay on the ground alot, and unless griffin is always spending his jetpack to position himself behind the monster, and by the way, never being focussed when using his entire jetpack - Griffin is totally useless against kraken.

maggies traps however makes a world of difference. and if you ask around amongst the best kraken players around, im pretty certain theyll agree, that maggies traps are a much much bigger threat and hinderance, than griffins harpoon gun will ever be.


Yea I don’t think anyone is playing melee Kraken, never seen them, especially not 90%. All I see is Aftershock and Lighting Strike combo. Use lighting strike make them use jetpack, drop on their head with Aftershock.


I’ve never seen a harpoon trap slow a kraken I’ve seen a harpoon gun pull a kraken out of the sky every once in awhile and make it waste a traversal when it went after the medic harpoon traps just never seem to get triggered against a kraken or if they do it hits them right in their face and they attack or vortex and it’s gone.


i don’t mean to be demeaning towards anyone you might’ve played with, or if you yourself was the maggie. so please accept my apologies before hand if it does sound that way.

if you’ve never seen that, then the maggies were not very good by any standard, traps need to be put behind opjects and ledges, in palces where if someone kite that way, the kraken cant clear them till its too late.

it requires a minimum of 2 usually, but the point is still that with maggie you can peel for yourself, where as with griffin, you’re god tier S1 and 2. but IF the monster survives to S3, you’re nothing but bait to kill the support and medic.

[quote=“TrickDJrenji, post:16, topic:55829”]
All I see is Aftershock and Lighting Strike combo
[/quote]that’s another variant of the melee kraken.
if he comes down to the ground to use banshees, aftershock. or to use a heavy attack - wether its before or after an ability. his playing it melee style.

if he pounces you midfight somewhere, before or after an ability. then its melee kraken.


actually i do agree. maggies traps are a pain in the ass in combat. 2 or 3 well placed traps can really hurt when you have to melee in 2 directions in order to get out of it.

the issue with griffin is that kraken faces his opponent. meaning griffin needs to be far to the side, or behind the kraken in order for his harpoon to work. which makes him a standalone target alot of times.

the other issue is the cc not working on kraken. so griffin harpoons and kraken keeps flying lol. unless its a chase it really doesnt do much. so youd pick griffin if you dont want him to stage up and get away after the dome. zero armor equals win but its not easy to pull off.


I feel that a lot of the good Griffin players have moved on. I still say he is the best and people just can’t track sneaky monsters very well anymore. Also, with the Monster knowing what the entire Hunter line up is, it makes it MUCH easier to pick skills/perks to go against them. Really dumb imo. I would like to see them go with a blind pick system tbh.