Character overuse


I just hate to fight against the same hunters/monsters in a row, like 3 times in a row, it gets annoying and boring when you are able to predict what character the player(s) is/are going to chose.

For example, I was playing Goliath and Behemoth in 4 games, 2 arenas and 2 hunts. In the 4 games, Slim was choosen by the same guy who played it…and I will not talk about how much Maggie is overused in hunt mode.
I just lost the 4 games because of Slim spamming his leeche gun and Maggie n’ Sunny standing still waiting for me to be bait while Slim came with the assault to lower my health and force me to retreat to Maggie n’ Sunny’s (god fucking damn) jetpack booster sold separately to be used on the trapper only and nobody else.

This gave me hate to those three guys spamming their favorite character special “obvious humiliation” AND their nasty comments like “stop crying” or “you got butt hurt” etc…

I know that when I try to make a suggestion for buffing/nerfing something, it’s directly rejected and flagged…this time I will ask to you instead: What can we do to counter this common problem (yes it’s a common problem, mostly for Maggie in hunt mode)?

Leech gun spam

I was thinking a fun addition for a new mode would be a randomization of the Hunter’s and Monsters used, like nobody picks and you get thrown in as a random Monster/Hunter, even if you don’t own them. Would help people decide if they wanted to buy a DLC character if they got a chance to try them, and loved their playstyle.


It would suck to be stuck with Wraith.


Yeah there’s occasions it would suck, but, it’d be the same for Hunter’s. Playing Wraith wouldn’t be so bad if the Hunter’s got stuck playing Parnell, Griffin and Bucket. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t take this the wrong way; it’s not intended as such - isn’t it just a matter of you learning to break down certain characters / comps, rather than adjusting the game / people’s play style to suit your comfort zone?

If you’re constantly facing the same comps employing (successfully) the same strategy - and you’re loosing - quite simply there’s something wrong with your strategy given you keep falling for their bait.

In the very early days I was exclusively a monster player. There were plenty of things that annoyed me against certain hunters, but moving over to play as a hunter as well gave me a very different perspective on how “reasonable” it actually was for me to be annoyed. It usually wasn’t and very often it was mistakes I was making on my side that were to blame. It might be worth going in as a hunter and seeing how you feel after a decent amount of time on that side of the fence.


From my own personal experience this only happens in high level play. People HAVE to win in hunt 2.0, so they pick the best characters. Thus the slim-Val/Hank/waggie/Torvald-Parnell comps. In quickplay or lower levels there’s a variety of characters used. I see Caira/bucket RVal/Kala all the time. This is simply a community issue and something the devs can’t fix.


Sadly all MMO games will have the best comps and specs that are determined to be “meta”. It’s boring I agree but someone plugging in the numbers for min/max will always have players picking a specific monster/character. It’s just how balancing goes and the endless cycle will begin again.


I only play Crow…


somehow people always guess who I play in hunt 2.0 I choose goliath lazarus,hank,lennox and jack
I choose wraith hyde,abe,sunny and val


###And I’m sitting here stress free. :smiley:


This is why I hate 2.0 and quick play should not be removed. In TU9 they are supposedly removing QP and only using 2.0 because of the playerbase.


Shed, what platform and mode do you play? I play PC and always quick play, and I see more lazes than slim. If you only play 2.0, that mode is basically meta central, and I disrespect it.

(Like I said above, I do not want QP to be removed.)


Ha, screw that. I’d leave if that happened. I haven’t seen any mention from a dev saying that though. I think that’s just a suggestion being thrown around the forums.



Hunt is garbage, Slim is the only thing I was fighting before I jumped ship. Didn’t even bother grabbing a life preserver.

If QP is removed GG.


I’ve never, ever noticed the same characters being picked over and over against in Quick Play.

And of course it’s going to happen in ranked. Nothing but tryhards in that gamemode. Multiplayer games have a meta and in this game that meta means you’ll be seeing a lot of the same Hunter teams and a lot of Kraken.

But despite the many problems I have with Evolve, seeing the same shit over and over again in Quick Play simply isn’t one of them. Plenty of idiots around there who would still take Bucket in his current state, or lock in Cabot with Health Regen before I even started thinking about which Assault I’d like to play this round.


I know being overpowered could sway a character choice – cough cough, Kraken, cough cough – but people play who they want to play as.

And only in Hunt do I see character overuse. Just… tryhards in there.


Yeah, it’s true but they should understand that picking the same character to win a game like a tryhard and not care about the other players that use all the characters to desperately find the weak point of one single character because they lose multiple times in a row…it can be frustrating for the player that loses against him and it makes him think that the character he is trying to fight is OP.

You see what I mean?


Yeah, I understand your point and where the argument is coming from.


Slim is fine the way he is. I’ve made Slim players into bugs just by focusing him. Even if he ha a shield, all ya do is power through it with your abilities and he’s a good as dead, just try not to take too much damage or else you’ll be in a tough spot.