Character Outfits

Would anyone else like to be able to change their outfits like they do with there weapon skins? So support would not always be in yellow, assault red, ect. We could have challenges to get these costumes and they could make dlc for it. To me this would be one of those little things that people would enjoy.

They already stated full character skins/costumes for hunters more then likely won’t happen

They have stated they won’t change their color. The colors help identify the hunters’ roles for the monster.

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I’d love the DLC skins to be like this, even if it was just recolouring the hunter’s original outfits rather than a completely new costume. It’s unlikely to happen which sucks, but it’s not the end of the world :bucket_salute:

that would be cool.

Val would not always be in blue. imo

Did they state why they won’t do this? They could keep the colors above the names the same while still recoloring the hunters outfits.

Eh, they just don’t seem to want to do it.

They said that it is very hard and long procces to create some “costumes” and they have different priorities to work on (bugs, new characters and maps, etc etc).

So maybe when they will get rid of most of the bug+release enough maps,modes and hunters , then they will start making costume skins.

At least they are aware that comunity might want it

Community has wanted it for awhile, but we all want the bug fixes/balance changes much more. They’re good where they are atm, trust in the turtles.

more things to confuse the monster player. This is as bad as people pitching ideas for medics and supports as big as assaults. No, when a spore cloud hits you its nice to still be able to identify them.

I don’t identify them by suit colour… How close are you looking at the screen, in order to see their suits? :confused:
I judge them by the weapons/abilities.

i usually play pretty close but its a way i can identify them.

Typically you have the spore cloud, gas cloud, fire, bright beams, your own abilities, shields around the character, explosions, dust tag, etc blocking your sight from them. Not a very consistent way of identifying hunters, looking at their suit colour.
That’s my opinion on the matter, I feel the same when I play the Wraith.

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well one person is someone like parnell who isnt a very identifiable character unlike markov. Its just something i use (mainly as wraith because i dont use supernova and its easy to pick targets for abduct) thats just me.

Iunno… For me, Slim hit the scene and that all went out the window when it showed that without the little outline around Hunters that REALLY show who they are, the little buggers zip around too quickly to notice the dull colors effectively.

Now, if it was just a thing where it was just something that would equate to busywork and not in their best beliefs to do it, then that’s fine. I can live with that. The Color-Confusion though? No way. I won’t say noone looks for color to identify Hunters (As that is more than likely untrue, SOMEONE does so, I’m sure!), but I for one certainly don’t look for Red Markov. He could be hot pink for all I care, I’m looking at the outline, jetpack exhaust and particle effects hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Very true, I would rather see bugs like the revive glitch taken care of before we get cool stuff like costumes.


I’m just reiterating what the devs have stated in the past.