Character mastery challenges a really bad idea?


I’m really starting to wonder if half the people I come across are just bad players, or going for these stupid things. When the medic has a mastery challenge to heal just before someone dies you know what happens? That dude doesn’t heal until someone is near death so he can get the challenge. Meanwhile the rest of the team who need to live don’t get to. Or the trapper challenges to do damage with their gun so they ignore the harpoon/stasis because they need that damage.


Bad players imo.


We all get those ones


Ye bad players are bad.


Bucket players who Uav instead of rezzing players or running from the monster when their the last one left alive


On average - Bad players. But it definitely exists. I fucked up many games to scrape those darn Healing Bug revives together. :confused:


Generally the masteries just happen naturally, but there are times when I seriously hate humans
“Hank shield me”
Not till you’re almost dead
“Fuck you Hank”


Masteries are good as who wouldn’t want to upgrade their equipment but the stupidness of a lot of them is the big concern.

Also the ones where you can only do 1 per game is sooo annoying like seriously…


Some do. Some are just moronic. Like Griffin having to harpoon the monster while in mid air. His harpoon does nothing while he’s in mid air, why would anyone do that?


That’s the reason I chase masteries in solo. I don’t want to disrupt other people’s games


Direct quote from a level 32 Laz player. “I don’t need any more revives, I need headshots. I’m not going to wait to revive him and miss chasing the monster.”

Gotta love people.


Custom games are your friend. Get the painful ones done and do the rest naturally.