Character loading screens pls?


it’s nice that every character has a new summary of it’s abilities as a loading screen, however you can only see them for a few seconds, which is hardly enough time to read and digest it.

TRS, could you release those images or put them on your website till the new tutorial videos are ready? it would help new players quite a bit when they can look it up and compare, especially when it comes to buying a specific hunter/monsters.


I think it may be useful to have that info in the character section of the player profile as well (where you go to view your unlocks).


When you get into a game and hit Escape, the character abilities are described there as well. So you could pop into Solo Games to practice and get to know a character.

We’re considering options for putting that info elsewhere!


I’m not sure if it was taken out in favor of other things, but I wouldn’t necessarily mind the old short tutorial video that played when you choose a character for the first time during a loading screen. This was in my opinion a very useful feature in OG Evolve.


These were primarily taken out to help with the download size, but also because the cost to keep them updated is high. Since we redid a bunch of the class abilities and some skills, a large portion of the videos became obsolete/incorrect.

We’re working on some alternate solutions for tutorializing new players!


I see that is unfortunate but I’m sure you guys/gals will come out with just as an effective method later on!
I’ll be waiting for the future and the future console version!


Enjoy. Courtesy of SledgePainter.


that’s exactly what I was looking for, great stuff!