Character limit


Continuing the discussion from Evolving and basic attacks:

@codinghorror Would it be possible to get the character limit removed on this forum? We haven’t had too many issues with spam on here and if we do, we can always ban the spammers. Don’t remember any of the discourse ID’s on here so if someone could tag them, that would be awesome


I remember @codinghorror. I think the limit should be changed to 3 or 5 just to keep single letter posts out.


Id love to have no character limit. It would really help with my guide.


Lol, we were taking about a minimum limit. Not sure if they could remove the max limit or not


It would be nice if ranks provided more characters. Like Moderators having unlimited.


I think the reason/intent is to prevent posts that just say ‘Yes, No, Bump’ etc… without continuing the discussion. A simple like should suffice. If you don’t like it, you should be able to come up with something more than just No, or Nope. However, this still doesn’t prevent someone from just typing ‘Yes 10 chars’ or something similar.


Sometimes a specific question like the quote in OP where @MacMan said “1600” doesn’t really require anything further.
So far we haven’t had any problems with one word spam posts, and it is mostly advertisements which get shut down so fast that it is like they didn’t even exist. I’ve seen a couple “lol” posts here and there but they’re so far in between they may as well not be counted. Of course we haven’t seen any real traffic, and we won’t until Evolve releases, but I think lowering the minimum (and extending the max) would be a good quality of life improvement for most users, and it can always be changed later.


I’d like to have the limit reduced as well. Hopefully it’s something Discourse can build in as an option for the admin to set.


How about reducing that 10 character limit once you reach some certain level?


This is not about spam, it’s about no-content replies like “yup” and “no” and “yes” being posted. As @maddcow said.