Character information page during loading screen is too short



After you pick your character, and every else has too, the game will transition to a few loading screens. I think the first is showing the level, the next is the info screen about the character you selected. It’s just a few blurbs about a character’s abilities. After that, it’ll load a blank, black screen, with just a “waiting for players” in the bottom right corner. In most of my games, the waiting for players screen lasts longer than the info screen, often not giving me enough time to read all of the abilities of a new character. It would be nice if the character info stayed on screen even during the “waiting for players” section of the loading screen. Additionally, there isn’t any UI element that I know of that will show you a character’s abilities, which makes it hard to know what to play when picking new characters.


Hit the menu/pause button after you’ve actually loaded into the match and you’re physically in the map. This shows your abilities.