Character Guide for the New Player


So I’ve noticed a slew of new players needing some help with their gameplay. As such, I’ll write below just a few tips for new players based on characters they’re playing. Just scroll to the character you’re interested in and read along. There’s also a few extra little notes at the end. This is not really for the experts among us as many already know this or have their own strategies, but this should definitely help you enjoy the game more and make you better with your selected class!

#Val (Medic T1)

  • Firstly, your job is to get out of the way. Above all else, be out of the combat and use heal burst only when you can get away safely.
  • Secondly as important, watch your teammates. If their health drops even to 90%, you should be healing it JUST IN CASE.
  • Heal - Tranq - Snipe - Heal again. When you can’t heal anymore, that’s the order you should go. Damage is good and all, but survival is much better.
  • Never ever ever should you be sniping a monster that’s running away. Tranqs and healing your team is your number one priority.
  • Lastly, you can revive from a distance. Just keep healing the downed target. Do it, and do it often because again, you should never be down on the battlefield when you can help it.

#Lazarus (Medic T2)

  • You will never be in the combat unless you can get in and out CLEANLY. Use that cloak, jump in for a heal burst or revive, jump back to a mountain high up and far away.
  • Second, shoot. Just keep shooting and shooting and shooting that monster until someone goes down or you can jump in for the heal burst.
  • You’re getting aggro? Healburst - Cloak - triple dash away. Don’t go using one dash just because you can. You can survive a few hits, wait for the jetpack to recharge then get outta there. Fire will hinder this method.
  • Recharge. This will save your life and the lives of your team. I exclusively use Lazarus with his recharge boost because his skills are VERY useful, moreso than anyone else’s I would argue.
  • Lastly, don’t let them eat your team! Unless you’re the last person left, give him a quick snipe every time he goes down. Once someone else has his attention, dash dash, revive - heal burst, dash dash away. I always heal burst after a revive so people are at full health.

#Hank (Support T1)

  • Shielding 101 - Do not shield someone invisible if they’re getting away. Do not shield someone that isn’t getting attacked. Your shield doesn’t last forever and if someone got away cleanly, they don’t need or WANT your shield, they want to be hidden. Notice it and leave them be.
  • Orbital barrage is not the end-all of the universe. It is a weapon and it can affect your team. If someone has aggro, it can push them back and make the monster back off. An especially helpful tip is to use it when the enemy uses a pounce attack on someone.
  • Orbital barrage can block off routes. If your trapper is chasing and you’re cutting the enemy off, use it and make him turn around . It’s scary like that!
  • Cloaking is perhaps your most useful skill, believe it or not. It’s a TEAM skill, so stay near your team. Also, use it when you’re close to the monster, sneak up with your team, and trap him! It can be used both offensively and defensively.
  • Your gun… it’s alright, but nothing special. Use it wisely, but your main job is shielding.

#Bucket (Support T2)

  • Turrets are your biggest priority. Space them around, preferably on slightly higher ground or out of the way. The range is alright, and the damage is absolutely superb.
  • UAV is useful, but it also slows you down. Try to stay near the middle of your map and put some turrets around you too! Wildlife is dangerous as is the monster’s pounce attack if he finds you!
  • Rocket launcher damage is also pretty good, but it’s slow. Use it from a higher position when you can as aiming down and changing direction is much easier and much less likely to miss than from the side or front.
  • Sneak up! Since you’re more offensive, use the cloak offensively every chance you get! Cloak constantly, find the monster, but don’t shoot! Don’t let him know you’re there until he’s domed.
  • You are perhaps the absolute greatest at generator defense. Always position your turrets out of the way of direct combat but have a few near the generator and if you’re the last one left, stay far away, shoot a rocket at him and then just wait. If he attacks the generator again, shoot another and wait. Cloak when he’s nearby and know where you’re going to fallback to beforehand! Personally I like to cloak, rush to the generator and throw a turret, then run to another mountain. You cloak doesn’t come back quick so hide and shoot only when it’s safe.

#Maggie (Trapper T1)

  • Follow your pet loosely. If you know for a fact that goliath is a hundred meters in the other direction, don’t follow the tracks and just go straight for him. Cutting off the monster is quicker and almost always more effective than simply following him.
  • Use those traps! You’re not a killer, you’re a trapper. Find your teammates that have aggro, get behind them a little ways and throw a trap down. It’ll slow the monster, annoy him, and might even help get an orbital barrage in.
  • Traps are especially great when the dome is almost down. See where the monster is and throw traps at the edge of the arena. You have to think ahead for when he tries to run!
  • Jetpack Cooldown, speed boost, or recharge/reload. That should be your perk no matter what. Jump height is okay too, but above all else you need to catch and trap that monster.
  • Your gun is your last resort. Unless things are going extremely well and the monster is… well, bad… you should be trapping, not shooting. Your gun can deal a little less than a bar of health per reload, assuming you hit most of your shots and don’t hit any targets on him. It’s not great, so don’t expect to kill him yourself.

#Griffin (Trapper T2)

  • Sounds spikes should be placed at areas with a lot of wildlife, intersections, and ‘high traffic’ areas. Always try to make them reach a wall (monsters love staying near a wall) and keep them high up or away from sight. Any good monster will destroy a spike in their path.
  • Your harpoon is amazing. Aim then fire. Don’t just fire because it’s reloaded, wait that extra second, line up the shot, and fire. The reload is insanely long, so one miss and there’s 3-4 seconds of you reloading. Also note that it can bring down a kraken, so use it and use it often.
  • Cut off the monster. You have to ALWAYS be three steps ahead of your enemy. It’s true he might double back, but hopefully your team is chasing and won’t let that happen. Try to keep a teammate with you to (like support) just in case you get trapped by something.
  • Your gun is still nothing, or next to nothing anyway. If you’re being hit, use it as you try to get away because your harpoon won’t do a single thing in that situation.
  • If you’re fighting Kraken, be close to the ground. Being high up makes you a target and doesn’t have much of an effect if you harpoon him. If facing Goliath, be up high and away. After you trap the monster, you need to keep away. Use your jetpack efficiently and stay out of sight if possible.

#Markov (Assault T1)

  • Mind your mines. Believe it or not, they are VERY useful and highly damaging (not so much against kraken). Use them often and spread them out. Firebreath can easily destroy them. You can even make escape routes a bad option if you use them around the outside of the dome as the battle starts.
  • Lightning gun has range. You don’t need to be right on top of the monster to hit it, so don’t be. It has damage, range, and AoE so you’ll want to almost exclusively use this.
  • Your shield is the first thing you should use but ONLY when you have the monster’s attention. Don’t use it if someone else is being attacked, don’t use it the second the creature is domed, and don’t use it if hank is shielding you. Pop it once you have his attention and hopefully hank/val will notice.
  • Generator defense is probably where your mines will shine the most. Spread them out around the battlefield, especially places you plan to run and stay nearby. You and your team have to direct the monster towards the mines often if you want them to be the most effective.
  • If the monster is running, pull out your rifle. It’s damage isn’t the best, but it’s got the range. Also it’s great at destroying a monster if he has targets planted on him. Lightning gun won’t hit them, but your rifle will.

#Hyde (Assault T2)

  • Flamethrower is your baby. It’s the bomb and it’s your life. Use it almost exclusively except when it’s reloading or if the monster is out of range.
  • Poison gas is the absolute best way of getting a monster away from a downed teammate. Throw it, then light them up and hopefully Lazarus or someone from support can cloak and get in there. Your job if someone is downed is to get that monster’s attention.
  • Just like with Markov, your shield only needs to be deployed when you’re being attacked.
  • Use your jetpack sparingly. Don’t go running around as quick as a bunny just because the monster is. If he jumps high, you need to be there and if things turn dire, you need to be able to dodge. Above all else (unless lazarus is around) you need to focus on dealing damage without losing (much) health!
  • Damage bonus. Only damage bonus. You CAN take health regen if Laz is there, but you’ll lose about 5000-8000 damage in the course of an average, stage three battle.

Extra Sidenotes

  • If Lazarus is on your team, stop trying to revive people! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been Lazarus, jumped from somewhere to come in for a revive, and had someone else do it first. Unless Lazarus is the one down, just stay away and keep the monster away too!
  • Trapper and Medic are most definitely the most difficult classes to use. If you suck at strategizing or cutting off the opponent then don’t have them as your first choice. In short - choose your role based on your play style and abilities.
  • Stop shooting! Monsters can get away quicker if they’re being shot all the time. Their stamina comes back faster. Stop shooting already and just catch up.
  • Know when and how to run away. Maggie, support, and Lazarus have the easiest time of this, but if the battle isn’t going well, half of your team is down, and you’re all probably going to die - RUN. Use your abilities if they apply (throw traps or cloak) and just get out of there. You can always make a comeback but you have to actually be alive to do it!

Good luck!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the little tips and I’m sure some people will disagree! There’s a ton you could add, but I felt what I put was pretty important and will help people to better learn what role they want and how to better use that role. Thank ya, kindly for reading!


I like this guide, would have been nice to have when I first started playing. I particularly like the part about not rezzing when you have laz on your team. Also I read this topic as ‘Hydes character guide for the new player’

For Griffin I might mention that wildlife apart from the monster can destroy it, so don’t place it near a pack of reavers or etc. Also his harpoon gun works best from slightly behind since the monster doesn’t just hit it automatically.
For support you could recommend them to save the cloak for laz as this can really help him out.

Edit: Also for all players playing with laz, focus on dps when a hunter goes down to try and draw the monster away from the body


More Maggie tips.
1)Use Jetpack dodge every time it is up when chasing/cutting off the monster.
2)You’re the team leader have a mic.
3)Place your traps up high, or in bushes. Also good to place it below some walls so he can’t climb.
4)When the monster is hit by your traps or slowed by something like Val switch to your gun it actually does an extreme amount of damage if you hit the head or other crit points.
5) When the monster is focusing a player lay down traps, and tell the player to run towards you. When the player jetpack dodges towards you switch guns, and get ready for the monster to switch focus on you.
6) Daisy will howl in the direction the monster is if you’re going the wrong way.
7) Use Daisy as a general guide in the direction the monster is never straight follow her. Instead think of where the monster is going, and be there before he gets there.


Thanks, guys! There are definitely a lot more little tips like these I could add, but I went with just five of what I felt were important and easy to keep in mind. Feel free to add to it with your own tips though as taskforcem85 and magic_boom have! I’ll retitle it so everyone can add to it with their own tips.