Character Description Cards


Can we get some way to view the characters abilities, DPS, and just stats in general? It would be nice to be able to see what a character can do before burning 5500 keys on them or being able to see the cards to try to develop further strategies. This is present in many other games, and I just can’t see why it isn’t in this one. Maybe do a layout like this:
Character picture top right
Abilities scroll down left side
Click an ability to give a brief description and various stats such as DMG, DOT, Slow, and Healing
Bottom of the screen can show Win Rate, AVG DMG/DOT/SLW/HLG
Maybe throw in a portion where it shows one or two good match-ups and a monster counter pick(this isn’t necessary just a little bit to help new players).
Any further suggestions? I think I got it pretty solid, but input is always appreciated.


I believe something similar to this is in the works.