Character and next patches


i want to start by saying that all i will write here is my opinion, if u don’t agree just say it.
i will post here a list of all chars saying who IMO need a buff or is fine like this. hoping for ur feedback.

need buff:
-Torval: not saying that he’s trash at all, but i feel it’s weaker than most of the assaults, plus he’s hard to master compared to other assaults. also trying to hit kraken with mortar is very hard. i think that the main buff should go to the mortar, not sure about shot gun
-W Maggie: should do more damage cause she’s trash tier among the trappers. she should be a maggie with less cc and more damage, but the damage kinda sucks
-R Val: Devs nerfed a lot her healing field and i can understand why, but if the monster focus support she can’t do anything. i would buff her chain medgun just a little and see how she goes.
-Kala: i do not think that the shield buff she just reicived is enough. i know that in the right team and right hand she can be good, still i would like to see a very small buff to the armor reducer, maybe in terms of duration; i reapet a small buff, and see how it goes
-Tech Hank: he feels just weaker the other supports but not by much.a small buff to shield burst or shield charger should be enough
-Lazarus: not actually a buff, but i think that a monster shouldn’t be able to see the red circle while trying to pounce a cloacked Laz.
-Meaty goliath: right now i think he’s not in a bad spot but it feels a lot weaker than OG Goliath. i would do a small buff to his dot.
-Kraken/Kelder: they are fine but too slow during the chase phase. i would buff their traversal, not the cooldown, otherwise would be too strong in the dome, but in length.
-Gorgon: too weak right now. good team will kill spiders and mimic is useless unless u max it, and it would be still very week, i don’t know how to balance this without making Gorgon OP, still i think she deserves some love.
-Wraith: i don’t have to talk about it. Decoy and Supernova are the main problems IMO. Maybe making supernova a buff instead of a bubble-area-effect, so that is not that easy to escape from it but in this way it doesn’t affect decoy, so u can extend the duration of decoy, forcing the hunter to shoot it down.

-Lennox: she’s not great ATM, but she’s there 'cause she was too much some patch ago. Not sure what to do.
-Slim: his healing are great(too much), and i don’t think the 0.2 nerf to the recharge would do all that difference; still his spore launcher feels useless and the healing drone is not that good either IMO. Maybe the way of how this 2 ability work should be changed making them usefull, nerfing the maing healing.
-Qaira: she feels good in the right hands and with the right team, still not a common solid choice maybe. let’s see after her recent buff.
-Jack: he can be really painful for the Wraith or the Goliath, still i don’t feel he’s that good.

i think other chars are more or less fine where they are. what do u think?


Funny… you just copied my words(in my thread), or you thinking the same way.
I disagree about Kala and R.Val - they balanced. Good Kala player - pain in the ass.
As R.Val you can protect your teammates from Goliath rocks, Wraith abduct, etc. And you must always be around ur guys, cause of aura effect.
Idk about Tech Hank, but Waggie UP - I agree.


@Sharpshooter i haven’t seen your post, did u say the exact same things on all monsters?
and what do u think on other hunters?


Meaty need a little more dot damage. A good Jack - pain in the ass too. I don’t think he needs any buffs… Idk about Slim, but they must rework Torvald mortars.


i feel that Jack’s Repulsor drains a bit too quickly; also i think it’s a little bugged since it should drag kraken on the floor. not sure about kala since u’re right saying that she can be a pain in the ass but i do not feel her at the same level of cabot or bucket as offensive support. i can understand ur position on R Val thou