Characater customisation


Almost all FPS nowadays have this personal customisation like in cod etc and just recently in Rainbow six they’ve added it so my question or suggestion is can Evolve add some sort of customisation to each hunter so we feel more attached to said hunter and just because it looks kind of cool.


What would you customize?


I’m assuming you mean additions to the character model as opposed to skins…


My god there’s tons of stuff like variant helmet or heads of said character,Body suit variants,Add charms to your primary weapon (like in Rainbows latest patch) add emotes to each hunter like Bucket would have a Robot dance,there’s a lot of room to be creative i feel Evolve missed a trick in that area.


I wouldn’t really like being able to add body suits and stuff to my character, rainbow, CoD all those games don’t have a their own mythology, story? It’s just soldiers fighting, evolve is different.

We’ve got a story, Torvalds ship being destroyed, Maggie being the last survivor, Griffen and Abe, they’ve all got something or another adding these customizations kinda in my opinion take away from it… Like oh why does Hank have a sticker on his gun? Ect…

Like what are we gonna do? Have a giant behemoth with a tag on it? Like what why?


Mainly for the hunters not the monsters obviously the customisation.I’m pretty sure no1 cares for the limited story of Evolve granted i like the dialogue but c’mon adding this wont detract from the limited lore of the game!


In those FPS it is mostly just one person with tons of customization options.
In Evolve we have tons of different character models that those games don’t have, hence I would say it is good the way it is. (Although I would like a Pink Hyde ^^ )


I wouldn’t say Evolve has tons of models, at launch they only had 12 hunters granted now there’s a few more but still FPS games all need that little personal spec,one thing i hate on Evolve is that i want my Bucket or whoever to look funky seeing the same paint over and over is a bit meh but yeah this whole topic is a little gripe not a major thing.


No. There are already weapon skins. If TRS needs more customization, then the skins should be full-body.

As for me, I love the Evolve lore and it would not make sense for hunters to wear giggly stuff. Even along the lines of skull bandana around the mouth it detracts from the character personality.

CoD, 6seige, of any other game has those customizable options because they are simplistic games. Evolve has too much depth for this stuff.

Evolve does not need this, only full-body skins.


We don’t need to customize anything the characters are fine as they are, I agree with @XplosionIncorporated I like the lore, and it would take away from it. It’s like on CoD or R6 they’re just soldiers, these are well known hunters… With a history…

I will be against it always and forever.


I care. I really dig evolves story and everything @Matthew came up with.


12 base hunters, 8 DLC, 4 soon to be 8 variant hunters means 28 characters. On top of 7 monsters.

That’s a lot of props that you would need to make fit, since there are males, females, robots, cyborgs, and basilisk hunters.


Yeah but the story is irrelevant in Evolve because there’s no campaign just PvP so it hardly draws you into it does it? well that’s the case for me.As it is it’s no different than those other FPS apart from it’s in a fictional word with fictional monsters.


Yeah at launch there wasn’t that many,i know they’ve a lot now so maybe harder to implement but if this customisation was in from the start it wouldn’t have been a problem


Not even then. This game uses player models. That means they aren’t layered with clothing. So by adding these at launch would cost more time because of the layers, etc.


They once stated that they chose not to let us customize these characters as they already have their own signature look and characterization. Any changes done to them gets rid of who they are essentially and on top of that those character models are made distinct so that you can easily tell them al apart as the monster.

If you go changing how a character looks it becomes harder to differentiate as a monster seeing as they are so small on your screen already. This would lead to a lot of problems to those who have any sort of vision problems and we all already know we have plenty of people on here who have trouble seeing. (that’s how we got the color blind modes)


While it would be cool to switch out Hank’s cap for a cowboy hat or a biker gang-esque look, it doesn’t seem practical in this game. A lot of shooters, you’re human-sized models versus other human-sized models. You have killcams. You get to see the other person’s outfit pretty extensively. Adding accessories to the outfit would go highly unnoticed in Evolve; yeah, your teammates will see it, but you’re going to be more focused on the hunt and battle for most of the match. The monster’s never going to notice “Hey, nice lime green grim reaper hood!”

I believe full body skins had an explanation for not being done, but I can’t remember it off the top of my head. I imagine it’s pretty expensive and the way the models work, is impractical to do.

Charms for your weapon doesn’t sound too bad. Sunny has a cupcake keychain on her nuke. But how would they be obtained? Because if we have to buy them, I don’t imagine many people would go for it. Maybe if Elite status or various achievements unlocked neat little accessories for your gun like the charms, but they’d have to put the work in creating that stuff.

Emotes are something people have requested multiple times before. Also a fun idea, but when are you going to get to use it in Evolve? When you’re waiting at the relay, custom lobbies where you’re goofing around, and maybe if you’re really bored while chasing the monster.

I love customization, and think a lot of these things would be fun to have, but for most of them, I don’t think they’re practical additions to the game for the art department to work on. They wouldn’t get the extensive attention from other players that appearance changes do in other games and you can’t see yourself, so they would mostly go to waste, IMO.


I listen to every little thing they say. I eat up the lore.


I second your statement.


Naahhhhhh theyve all got theur own unique feel as is, leave that tag on jargen on those silly Call for money games